The Legend of Little Simz - Hadi Younas, Greenshaw

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The Legend of Little Simz - Hadi Younas, Greenshaw hIgh School - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Little Simz, the living legend hailing from North London, has been on a killing spree of success in the past recent years and is currently at the top of her game within not only the UK music scene, but the entire global music industry.

Little Simz’ success is determined not only by the phenomenal numbers she’s been doing but the unmissable trail of influence she’s flurried throughout the culture, the youth and the underrepresented. Serving as inspiration for the ones who struggle to find inspiration, Simbiatu Ajikawo, also known simply as Simbi, highlights to the masses what the experience of a Young Black Woman growing up in the boroughs of North London is likeToronto Star file photo.

Filling hearts with hope for the future of representation and empowerment, Little Simz serves as not only representation for black and minority ethnic communitiesThe Winnipeg doctor, they, but also for women all around the globe, looking for a hero to aspire to. Most recently, Little Simz teamed up and partnered with Adobe in a short collaborative film which is part of their “Love the Journey” campaign, in which she created a heart-warming message in the form of a love letter towards her mother, who was the greatest influence in her life. The campaign is being pushed to inspire young people from ethnic minority groups to pursue a career in creative arts, as we all know how little diversity is included within the creative industry. RELATED: Nurse issues Covid plea to public in bid to protect NHS this Bank Holiday

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