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With the improvement of people's quality of life, doors and windows are no longer just a barrier to isolate indoors and outdoors, but have gradually evolved into essential household accessories in life

broken bridge aluminum casement windows in the palace: enjoy the four seasons of the year and enjoy a comfortable life. At a time when people's quality of life is improving day by day, doors and windows are no longer just a barrier separating indoor and outdoor, but have gradually evolved into essential household accessories in life. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows not only have strong practicality, but also give their design ornamental, so that consumers can enjoy the comfortable life brought by high-quality doors and windows in the four seasons of the year, This is the case with the broken bridge aluminum door and window of palace. Next, we had a close appreciation with this broken bridge aluminum casement window with both inside and outside

overall overview

as a new product launched by Palace this year, the product adopts fashionable champagne gold color, which is very in line with the consumption trend of young consumer groups at present. The surface is treated with antioxidant electrophoresis, which can improve the surface aesthetics and achieve good rust and corrosion prevention effects. At the same time, the product can be equipped with magnetic control shutter or electric shutter according to personal preferences, and the opening mode can also be selected from inside to inside. In short, it can meet all aspects of consumer needs for windows to the greatest extent

feature analysis

broken bridge design

the hot summer has come, and the outdoor high temperature is easy to be introduced into the room through the window, and the broken bridge design window can solve the problem of rapid heat conduction of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The product uses the broken bridge design, and the profile is spliced with a double corner code, which has won the national invention patent; Titanium magnesium aluminum alloy is selected as the material of aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of high hardness, no deformation, and very durable, which can greatly ensure the service life of products

rotatable lock pointrotate the lock point

rotatable lock point can be described as one of the highlights of this product. Generally, the lock points of doors and windows are usually fixed, and the friction is strong in the process of use. However, the rotatable lock point of this product is made of 304 stainless steel, which is not only durable, but also more embedded in the process of use, reducing the friction when switching, and opening and closing is more smooth

pressure line

the second highlight of this product is the beautiful line pressing treatment. This part has also won the national patent. The overall shape is very beautiful and magnificent. At the same time, the aluminum corner code splicing treatment is adopted to enhance the beauty of the product and make it more solid and solid


the hinge of a window plays a vital role in the window. This product uses invisible hinges, which not only does not occupy space, but also improves the overall aesthetics of the window. It also has a large bearing capacity and can withstand a certain weight


the excellent sound insulation performance is closely related to the selection of glass hollow and sealant strip. This product adopts the glass configuration of 5+16+5, and the inert gas is rushed into the glass hollow, and after moisture-proof treatment, it achieves effective sound insulation and moisture-proof effect; The rubber strip is automobile grade, with good sealing, not easy to aging and fracture, and durable


the gauze of this product adopts 304 stainless steel gauze, which has the excellent effects of anti-theft, rust prevention, shear resistance and mosquito prevention. The screen fan is equipped with an invisible gland, and the glue free technology is a major feature of Ligong open window gauze, which greatly enhances the overall aesthetics, and makes this product have a high-end and atmospheric visual experience. Consumers can choose whether to integrate the window gauze according to their own needs

guard bar

in addition, for safety reasons, the product is equipped with a safety guard, which can prevent children from climbing and falling when playing, and plays a role of safety protection. The load-bearing capacity of the guard bar can reach 200kg, which is almost equal to the weight of two adults, which greatly improves the safety level of the product

as a new product launched by Palace this year, this product gives people a high-end, atmospheric and high-grade experience in visual effect. The amount and color of champagne are very in line with the trend of the times, and they are also very attentive in the selection of materials and details. At the same time, the unique design has also won the national invention patent, which is popular throughout the year; This product can bring a comfortable home life experience





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