A complete set of interior decoration process

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(1) Negotiation

users should ask the decoration company to decorate and tell the company their requirements

the requirements put forward by users should be discussed in detail by the whole family in advance, and try to tell the decoration company at one time

the decoration company will carefully listen to the opinions of users and make records. If the decoration company finds something unclear afterwards, it will contact the user until it is completely clear

(2) design

after the decoration company receives the user's plan, the designer will personally go to the site to measure and observe the site environment, study whether the user's requirements are feasible, and obtain on-site design inspiration. Preliminarily select some material samples to introduce to the user. If the user agrees, the designer will further provide a detailed itemized quotation. At this time, the user should provide the decoration company with the furniture and equipment information to be used in order to cooperate with the design

the drawings and quotations finally provided by the decoration company should clearly express the items, practices, materials (including brand and model) and prices of each part. For example, the detailed items cannot be summarized by the unified sentence "a set of kitchen combination cabinets". Users should clearly understand the model, size, relevant accessories and other contents of the combination cabinets

after receiving the scheme and quotation, users must read it carefully to check whether the decoration items you require have been provided by the decoration company and whether there are any missing items. Often many users only care about the last total quotation. If the total quotation does not include the items required by users, you will suffer economic losses

free room measurement in the home decoration process

the designer will carry out on-site survey and comprehensive investigation on the room to be decorated by the customer, so as to carry out home decoration design more scientifically and reasonably

(1) quantitative measurement: mainly measure the length and width of the room, and calculate the area of each room with different purposes

(2) positioning measurement: mainly indicate the positions of doors, windows and heating hoods (the number of windows should be scalar)

(3) height measurement: mainly measure the height of each room

after the measurement, draw the plan of each room in the room according to the proportion. The plan indicates the length and width of the room, and specifies the positions of doors, windows and heating hoods in detail. At the same time, it indicates the placement position of the newly added furniture

budget of home decoration process

according to the design style selected by the customer, the designer carries out home decoration design, and has customer feedback, and finally determines the design scheme, drawings and related budget

labor and material contracting refers to entrusting the purchase of decorative materials to the decoration company, which will uniformly quote the material cost and labor cost. And the package cleaning refers to that users buy materials by themselves, the workers construct, and the labor fee is paid to the decoration company. Many users are worried that using the form of package labor and materials will provide the decoration company with the opportunity of shoddy goods and false claims, so they want to use the form of "package cleaning" to buy decoration materials by themselves. In fact, there are many drawbacks in the practice of contracting and clearing workers

(1) decoration generally takes 40-60 days. Users need a lot of energy and time to buy materials themselves. If they do not buy decoration materials in time, it is easy to delay the construction period

(2) the quality of decorative materials purchased by users is not guaranteed, because the most expensive is not the best; Customers often know a little about how to choose decorative materials, and know little about the texture and purpose of materials. It is easy to buy materials with inferior quality and high price

(3) users buy their own materials, because the quantity is small, it is often not the wholesale price

(4) once there is a problem in the project quality, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is the process quality problem or the material quality problem

(5) if users buy materials by themselves, it is very easy to cause waste, because you don't know how to calculate the dosage. Generally, workers buy as much as they ask

(6) the user has to hire a car to transport the materials, often one at a time. Not only the freight is high, but also the utilization rate of the car is low

(7) after the materials are left, he can't handle them by himself, resulting in a certain waste

since there are so many disadvantages of "labor clearance", why are many users willing to buy Decorative Materials by themselves? Because these consumers often lack due trust in decoration companies and think that decoration companies will deceive themselves with inferior materials when purchasing decoration materials, they prefer to run errands to buy materials by themselves. This will not only save much money, but also be thankless and laborious, leaving many hidden dangers for construction

contracting labor and materials is a common practice adopted by decoration companies, which can save customers a lot of trouble. Formal decoration companies are highly transparent. The texture, specification, grade, price, charge and process of various materials used in construction will be listed for you one by one

in addition, decoration companies often deal with material suppliers and have their own fixed supply channels and corresponding inspection means, so they rarely buy fake and inferior materials. Suppliers are very clear that in the current situation of the buyer's market, it is not easy to keep a fixed major customer, and a little carelessness will lose a customer. Decoration companies will buy a large number of commonly used materials and can get very low prices

based on the above analysis, you will come to your own conclusion: it is better to contract labor and materials than to contract clearing work

signing the contract of home decoration process

on the premise that both parties confirm the design scheme and budget, sign the relevant decoration contract to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties

during home decoration, the change items, which are commonly referred to as increase and decrease items, only specify the increase and decrease project items on the basis of the original contract. Both parties to the contract negotiate each increase and decrease item, and specify the practice and charging standard of each increase and decrease item in detail, which is valid until both parties confirm and sign together. When signing the change contract, it should be noted that both parties should not be subject to the agreement reached orally when increasing or decreasing projects, and must sign the written change contract in time

the on-site disclosure of the home decoration process

is participated by the customer, the designer, the project supervisor and the construction principal. The designer explains the budget items, drawings and special processes to the construction principal in detail on site, and coordinates the handling of relevant procedures

home decoration is to use decorative materials that are harmless to the human body. According to the decorative design requirements that can reflect the principles of practicality, safety, economy and beauty, the fixed hexahedron in the family room is decorated with scientific technical methods to create a beautiful and practical indoor environment with specific overall comfortable effects. Generally, it mainly includes the following contents:

(1) ground decoration. The ground is an important part of the home. The decoration of it is mainly in the aspects of color, texture and pattern

(2) wall decoration. Wall decoration is facade decoration, which can be decorated by plastering, painting, painting, inlaying, screen hanging and other methods

(3) ceiling decoration. The decoration of the ceiling is the construction of all kinds of ceiling without ceiling or ceiling with various materials. At the same time, necessary water heating, ventilation, lighting, sound and other equipment should be set

(4) setting of furniture and other household equipment. Furniture, various household appliances, sanitary equipment and other settings are also an important part of home decoration

(5) setting of other items. It mainly includes home furnishings, calligraphy and painting, potted flowers and other settings. Sometimes, these items can play a good decorative effect on interior decoration

bedroom decoration strives to achieve the following three aspects:

(1) make up for the deficiencies after the completion of civil engineering, take into account the orderly life, divide the space reasonably, arrange the dynamic and static environment and its use frequency in an orderly manner, and make the life of residents convenient

(2) enhance comfort and aesthetics. The decorative home should be based on the principles of beauty, comfort, neatness and convenience, and strive to be simple, elegant and full of sentiment

(3) express your personality, select the decoration style of the room according to the experience, personality, hobbies and cultural literacy of family members, and fully reflect your personality

final completion acceptance of home decoration process

in recent years, the disputes caused by home decoration have been participated by customers, designers, project supervisors and construction principals. The overall acceptance of engineering materials, design and process quality has been carried out, and after passing the acceptance, it has been signed for confirmation

in addition to identifying the overall effect of decoration, the acceptance mainly depends on whether the manual quality is satisfactory. Acceptance can be identified from the following aspects:

(1) the laying of lighting circuits should comply with the regulations, sockets, lamp switches, master switches, leakage switches, etc. should have a certain height, kitchens and air conditioners should be laid in special lines, and TV antennas and telephone special lines should be installed in positions convenient for maintenance

(2) the drainage shall be smooth without leakage, backflow and ponding, and the high-grade water parts shall be free of clamp marks and scratches

(3) the newly built wall should be vertical, the horizontal plane of the brick body should be consistent, and the joints should be uniform and neat

(4) is the overall production error of the plane ceiling, and there is a gap between the plates; The error of plastic ceiling shall not exceed the specified range

(5) it refers to the seam of wood sealing line, corner line, waist line, decorative panel, seam of line and line clip, seam of decorative panel and plate, and the overall error of sliding door shall not exceed the specified range

(6) the paint should be smooth, feel good, and have no sweep marks, cracks, and color differences

(7) the wall surface is flat and straight without obvious convexity and color difference. It is used for touching and wiping without ash throwing

home decoration maintenance of home decoration process

according to the contract, the home decoration company is responsible for the maintenance of home decoration projects for a certain period of time

if users find quality problems in the process of use, they should first contact the decoration company and explain the quality problems to the decoration company. All decoration made by the decoration company can be guaranteed for one year. (see the quality assurance certificate (card) of each company for specific warranty matters.)

if there is a quality problem during the warranty period, the user can directly find the person in charge of the company where the original construction team is located. If it is confirmed that it is a construction quality problem, the decoration company must unconditionally change work and materials for the user, and cannot drag and move. If the decoration company refuses to provide warranty for users, then users can directly complain to the quality inspection department of the home decoration market, and the market management department will order the decoration company to provide unconditional warranty for users or directly provide warranty for users by the market




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