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2013-03-08 09:39 source: Sina home Author: Zhang Yongzhi, Chen Jie

Yang Ji: 2013 adjust the enterprise development strategy to create a tupley business brand

interview guest: Yang Ji, chairman of tupley

interview reporter: Zhang Yongzhi, Chen Jie

2013 wallpaper market competition is more intense

host: President Yang vividly compares wallpaper to indoor clothing art, It shows that the popularity of wallpaper is closely related to people's fashion pursuit. What new features do you think the consumption trend of wallpaper will have in 2013

Yang Ji: wallpapers are constantly improved with people's aesthetic development every year. I think this year's wallpaper is richer in color and color, requires more functions, and may change a lot in material. So I think the market competition will be more intense in 2013, and there may be more designs and varieties

host: we know that before the Spring Festival, you went to Germany and France to see foreign designs. From the perspective of international trends, will the new trends have an impact on the domestic market

Yang Ji: at present, the fashion trend is also changing slightly from abroad, because there are some changes every year. The wallpaper exhibition in Frankfurt is a wind vane for the development of the industry. After participating in this exhibition, we have also adjusted the direction of our product development, which is also suitable for the market demand

host: last year, you mentioned that the capacity of the whole industry is seriously surplus, and the competition among enterprises, brands and products will intensify. From your perspective, will this situation continue in 2013

Yang Ji: I think the competition may be more intense in 2013. On the whole, it may rise slightly in 2013, but manufacturers are still increasing. Whoever does better accounts for a larger proportion

our adjustment range this year is relatively large. First of all, we have made strategic adjustment. In the future, we may focus on production and brand building, and brand building is a gradual process

second, the company has also adjusted its product structure, not only to meet people's visual needs, but also to use more environmentally friendly and human health-friendly materials in materials. For example, this year we launched two better wallpapers, which are made of PE and pp. they are sanitary grade plastics, which do not contain plasticizers, phthalates, formaldehyde or heavy metals. They are environmentally friendly materials. We also produced a kind of non-woven wallpaper, which has a three-dimensional effect after composite processing

at present, we have conducted a market survey on wallpapers. 52% of people don't use Wallpapers because they think they are not environmental friendly. In terms of environmental protection, one is human health and environmental protection, which is beneficial to human health, and the other is environmental protection for nature, so we pay more attention to the development of products. Therefore, we now develop these two products, both of which have the characteristics of good environmental protection performance, ordinary paper and non-woven paper, It also has the effect of deep embossing. In the future, the quality of our products will be guaranteed, the design is leading, the materials are environmentally friendly, and our scale is the largest in China, so I think after having these advantages, we may rise in 2013

make tupley Wallpapers into a commercial brand

host: we need to build our own channel system to build our own brand. What is the direction of this construction, and what is the current step

Yang Ji: now tepli has hired a consulting company to diagnose and position the enterprise first, and then make adjustments within the enterprise, and then make external adjustments after making internal adjustments. Franchise stores and chain stores may be built outside. Then there is the brand, just move forward step by step. I think the brand is a cumulative process, not to say that it is OK to want to expand the brand today. I need to build the channel first, and then gradually establish the brand

because tupley itself is an industrial brand, it is built by word-of-mouth and the accumulation of practice. It's mainly in the industry. For example, in the real estate industry, design institutes, decoration companies, or dealers, basically all wallpaper makers know about Tupperware, but few people know about Tupperware, because wallpaper is a thing of low attention, and most people decorate it once every five or six years

so basically, at present, in the eyes of ordinary people, it's not like fashion. You can mention the brand as soon as you say it, but it's difficult for everyone to mention the wallpaper. You don't pay attention to it at ordinary times, and only pay attention to it when you use it yourself

host: there are three trends in future consumption, one is mass consumption, one is B2B tooling, and the third is online sales. What do you think of online sales

Yang Ji: we are also doing online sales now, mainly to do online publicity and offline transactions. If we purely do B2C, it may affect the interests of our dealers

Moderator: the traditional model of e-commerce basically adopts three strategies. There is a wine buying network selling wine, which is also a dealer in Shaanxi. Later, they sell it online. First, in order to maintain the price system, they are the first to adopt online price guidance products and protect the price system; The second kind of products are online products. I have several brands that are sold exclusively online; The third is to clear the inventory, which is pushed by five-star hotels. The rest can be sold here

Yang Ji: in the future, our online sales may also be direct sales of inventory. The squeezed inventory will be given special prices to others to create a price advantage. If conventional products are sold online, it may be bad for dealers

wallpaper exhibition will promote new environmental protection products

host: what do we have to release this year's wallpaper exhibition

Yang Ji: at this year's trade fair, we will hold a new product launch, which will mainly release three things. The first is our environmental protection products, one is the products with embossing of non-woven paper, and the designer we hired to release the world's wallpaper fashion trends and promote the products he designed

host: the scale of this year's wallpaper exhibition is not small. Why did so many enterprises rush in when the whole market was bad last year

Yang Ji: because in recent years, wallpaper may be fried very well. There are two cases. One is that the equipment ordered in the previous two years is just starting production now. There are also some people who make soft decoration, flooring and curtains. These people may see that the wallpaper in the previous two years is better and want to come in. There are also some who follow the trend. Now there are many people who make curtains and wallpaper in the flooring industry. They think that there are connectivity points in itself. For example, floor, I have channels all over the country. Selling one product is also selling, selling two products is also selling, curtain is also selling, curtain and wallpaper matching are also selling. The channels are ready-made, but there is no production, you can sell with production. Most of them enter the wallpaper industry in this situation

host: how much difference does our domestic wallpaper design have from the international ones? First, as soon as the wallpaper becomes an international brand, the price is several times higher than that of domestic ones. We have also made a pilgrimage to the Frankfurt wallpaper exhibition, and we have also hired famous foreign designers. What is the difference between us and foreign countries? Is it the psychology of consumption or the marketing hype of the manufacturer or the design that really needs to be improved

Yang Ji: first of all, wallpapers are imported products from Europe, and our entire cultural and creative industry used to have relatively few supporting things for wallpapers. For example, there are relatively few people who specially designed wallpapers, and there are also relatively few other supporting products specially designed for wallpapers. Therefore, in terms of overall design, I don't think we can design wallpapers according to the design of wallpapers, but in the design of other craft products, The shape design is still internationally leading. There are more than 180 countries in the world, and not all countries are the same. Maybe France, Britain and Germany are leading in design. European design is ahead of our domestic design. After all, they have seen a lot, accumulated a long time, and there are special people to do these jobs

host: I do high-end products, which are on a par with international ones. I find foreign designers to do it. Secondly, there are also those that meet domestic middle-end consumption. You do it in this way. Will the price of products developed under such a cooperation mode have a competitive advantage with the same international imported products

Yang Ji: there must be. After your design is internationalized, in fact, a very important factor of wallpaper is related to your design. The price is not only related to the cost, but also to the design

host: in the future, fine decoration is the main trend. Will tupley directly give wallpapers to real estate developers and focus on the fine decoration market

Yang Ji: I think the possibility of wallpaper is relatively small, and the possibility of cabinet is relatively large, because our wallpaper has been sold in Bologna and Dongyirisheng, for example, and there are few. If big real estate companies want to use their things, 18 are too few, because each real estate company has its own design, such as Greentown, which has its own design company, and Evergrande also has its own design company. Their design company may be larger than Boloni, and it will become more and more personalized in the future. Every big real estate company has its own design company





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