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Life has poetry and distance. This is a home that combines "poetry" Oriental Art and "distance" western culture. It is half solemn and half fashionable. The beauty of neutralization is the golden spot we are looking for. Now let's have a look with mengliansha curtain

for most people, the charm of the new Chinese style is exquisite, complicated and gorgeous decoration. It is the peach blossom garden in my heart, which has infiltrated the elegance of the ages. Light luxury is a kind of relaxation that integrates western culture, low-key but not empty, free but not indulgent, exquisite but not blind

Andre, French writer Gide wrote in "food on earth": "you will never understand how hard we have worked to make ourselves interested in life"

life has poetry and distance, which is a home combining "poetry" Oriental Art and "distance" western culture, half solemn and half fashionable. The beauty of neutralization is the golden spot we are looking for

the wooden furniture in the living room is soaked in emotional jade liquid, which shows the moving plot in life

meditate and stare in the misty rain, In the new "searching", people are intrigued.

the flow of time is quiet and simple, like a mood baptized by the drizzle in the south of the Yangtze River, with a faint sense of peace and joy.

the tea room has made a jump in color matching to increase the visual conflict, making the whole space more flexible. In addition, some traditional elements and decorations make the space more relaxed and natural.

the "light" of the restaurant is actually clear and refreshing, The mood is transparent, like a mirror without dust. "Extravagance" is the collision between fashion and classicism. In the context of modern design, explore oriental aesthetics

the so-called autumn is restrained and winter is hidden. The master bedroom is simple and indifferent with light gray, coupled with the calm silence of dark furniture. The temperament of the whole room moves in this tone, and there is a trace of beauty precipitated by years in the indifference

menglansha curtain fabric art is positioned in the middle and high-end curtain Market. It is committed to integrating the profound oriental culture and western modern style through high-grade, high-quality, green and environmental friendly curtain products with diversified design, pursuing the perfect combination of aesthetic taste and practical functions, bringing new trend experience and healthy lifestyle, and making people feel the aesthetic edification of art virtually

(source of image and text: menglansha home fabric art, invasion and deletion)




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