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Cultural exchanges and mutual learning are an important driving force for the progress of human civilization and the peaceful development of the world

through the long lens of history, only through exchanges and mutual learning can today's human civilization be prosperous and colorful. The ancient Silk Road is full of sails and camel bells, which are a model of cultural exchanges and coexistence. Since modern times, the modernization process initiated by the industrial revolution has spread to all corners of the world, confirming the valuable value of learning from each other and learning from each other. Some scholars have asserted that "the clash of civilizations is the greatest threat to world peace". In fact, conflict is not the inevitable outcome of the encounter of different civilizations. Pride and prejudice are the biggest obstacles to the exchange and mutual learning of civilizations. As long as the spirit of inclusiveness is upheld, there will be no "clash of Civilizations" and civilization and harmony can be achieved. A history of human development is a history of coexistence and progress of multiple civilizations. The Chinese civilization is a civilization that has come into being on the land of China. It is also a civilization formed by constant exchanges and mutual learning with other civilizations

looking down through the world wide-angle mirror, exchanges and mutual learning are necessary to comply with the trend of the times, alleviate common challenges and promote peaceful development. Under the great changes that have not been seen in a century, where will mankind go and what will the world be like in the future? To answer these questions, we first need to go back to the law of civilization development. On the one hand, with the trend of world multi polarization and economic globalization, peaceful cooperation, openness and accommodation, reform and innovation have become an irresistible historical trend. Only by adhering to civilized exchanges and mutual learning can the world, a community of shared destiny, truly achieve win-win and win-win results. On the other hand, in response to the emerging global challenges such as arms competition, refugee crisis, climate change, terrorism, and network security, no country can be alone. It must choose to be inclusive and learn from each other rather than win or lose. It must gather and assimilate differences rather than intensify contradictions. It is mutually beneficial and win-win rather than beggar thy neighbor

focusing on such experiments in China, it is required that the gripper does not damage the appearance of the test piece, and the exchange and mutual learning witness the same frequency resonance and mutual reflection of the Chinese dream and the world dream. China, which is undergoing comprehensive and profound changes, has gone beyond the presupposition of those who believe in the conflict of civilizations. With its openness, inclusiveness and self-confidence, China has become a leader in world peace, development and win-win cooperation. China in the new era not only pays attention to drawing on the outstanding achievements of civilization created by different countries and nationalities, but also is willing to respect the diversity of civilizations, share the dividends of development, and bring opportunities, peace and progress to the world. Practice will surely prove that the Chinese people and the people of other countries will work together to learn from each other, and the rich and colorful achievements of civilization will compose a colorful chapter of China's interaction with the world

if the idea of "harmony but differences and inclusiveness" is a wonderful start, what it outlines is the road map for the harmonious development of human civilization, and the grand picture of realizing lasting peace and prosperity in the world and building a community with a shared future for mankind. Guided by this, the "the Belt and Road" is becoming wider and wider, and China's "circle of friends" is growing. China's initiative to support multilateralism, strengthen international cooperation and promote mutual benefit and win-win results has received positive responses from the international community. Bow before you walk, and believe without saying. China sets an example first and is sincere in waiting to promote the same frequency resonance, exchanges and mutual learning of different civilizations. It will certainly continue to promote win-win cooperation among countries and promote the construction of a world of lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness, inclusiveness, cleanness and beauty

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