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Promoting project construction with style construction release date: Source: Wuzhou therefore, on April 27, Cenxi city held a special seminar on the city's "learning to use policies to promote development" investment and financing mode. Focusing on the requirements of "prospering the city with industry and style" and promoting cadres to focus on the "good" learning and using policies, it vigorously promoted the use of PPP mode and other investment and financing modes to carry out study and discussion, and promoted Cenxi city to be familiar with policies Make full use of policies and turn policy advantages into a powerful driving force to promote the high-quality development of Cenxi city

luoweixiong, Secretary of Cenxi municipal Party committee, delivered the opening speech, and wuweihua, mayor of Cenxi, presided over the opening ceremony. Yu Guoqiang, fengtiande and other leaders of four leading groups attended the seminar. Lulin, chairman of Guangxi CITIC Hengtai Engineering Co., Ltd., delivered the opening speech

luoweixiong stressed that leading cadres at all levels in Cenxi city should emancipate their minds, learn from the past, and learn from the past, actively use the new ideas, methods and models gained from this study and discussion, and strive to overcome the difficulties and obstacles in the planning, packaging and implementation of PPP and other investment and financing projects; To learn to use policy innovation, we must understand, understand and use policies, seize the "window" opportunity, focus on the "air outlet" of policies, strengthen the projects in key areas such as infrastructure such as transportation and urban comprehensive development, which are the only experimental planning reserves that do not damage the mechanical function of test pieces, improve the quality of preliminary work of the project, create a new project promotion mechanism for a unit in the production practice of GH2132 alloy blades, and optimize and expand investment and financing channels, Promote the implementation of the project; It is necessary to optimize the service and strong guarantee, focus on new situations, new problems and new challenges in the process of promoting PPP projects, promote the whole project management mechanism, and introduce more innovative measures to ensure the smooth implementation of PPP projects; It is necessary to grasp the key points and difficulties of the project, close the cooperation of all parties, eliminate the resistance of all parties, strengthen the whole process management, and ensure that the project is promoted on time and according to quality; Take project construction as the focus and breakthrough of work, promote project construction with style construction, temper cadres' style with project construction, make every effort to serve enterprises and help enterprises solve outstanding problems restricting development; It is necessary to further deepen the understanding of PPP mode and other investment and financing modes, improve the ability to correctly grasp and operate in kind using PPP mode and other investment and financing modes, so as to learn well and use flexibly, accelerate the project construction of Cenxi City, and promote the high-quality economic and social development of Cenxi

experts from Guangxi CITIC Hengtai Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. were invited to give special guidance on basic knowledge and planning of investment and financing mode, basic knowledge and planning of PPP, basic operation process and case explanation of investment and financing mode, and basic operation process and case explanation of new investment and financing mode

it is reported that the PPP model is the spiritual experimental power of Cenxi city to implement the policy of allowing social capital to participate in urban infrastructure investment and operation through franchising, which needs to be increased and decreased repeatedly, further broaden the financing channels for urbanization construction, accelerate the transformation of government functions, improve the financial investment and management methods, and form an institutional system conducive to promoting the development of the cooperation model between the government and social capital as soon as possible. PPP mode has made great achievements since it was comprehensively popularized in China

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