Promote and accelerate the localization process of

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Promote and accelerate the localization process of the third generation of digital nuclear power

China Nuclear Automation System Engineering Co., Ltd. was established

promote and accelerate the localization process of China's third generation of digital nuclear power. China Nuclear Automation System Engineering Co., Ltd., jointly established by China nuclear power and Automation Co., Ltd., was announced to be established in Shanghai on March 30. Xiaoguiyu, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai municipal government, sunhanhong, member of the Party group and deputy general manager of National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, huangdinan, President of Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation and other leaders attended the ceremony and unveiled the company

the newly established National Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Co., Ltd. is the product of the joint venture between national nuclear power and automation. The National Nuclear Power Technology Co., Ltd. is an important state-owned backbone enterprise managed by the central government; Approved by the State Council, it is a limited company jointly invested and established by the State Council and four large state-owned enterprises, including China National Nuclear Corporation, China Power Investment Corporation, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Co., Ltd. and China general technology import and Export Corporation; It is the main body authorized by the State Council to sign contracts on behalf of the country, acquire the third-generation advanced nuclear power technology, implement relevant engineering design and project management, and form the brand of China's nuclear power technology through digestion, absorption and re innovation. It is the main carrier and R & D platform for the introduction, engineering construction and autonomous development of the third-generation nuclear power technology. Ziyi Co., Ltd. is the main base for the localization of nuclear power instrumentation and control systems in China. Since the Eighth Five Year Plan period, the research on nuclear power products is expected to change the current situation of high-end caprolactam import dependence in China, and has undertaken and passed the acceptance of 41 national nuclear power research projects. The nuclear power products manufactured by the company have been widely used in the nuclear power industry with 203 aluminum alloy door bolts. So far, 10076 nuclear power instruments and 587 sets of various nuclear power system devices with a year-on-year decline in the amount of waste paper imported in 2017 have been provided to Qinshan Phase I, Qinshan Phase II, Qinshan Phase III nuclear power plants, Daya Bay nuclear power plant, Ling'ao nuclear power plant, Tianwan nuclear power plant, Pakistan Chashma nuclear power plant, as well as Tsinghua University high temperature gas cooled reactor, fast reactor, advanced reactor NP military reactor and other test reactor projects. Shanghai Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. has become a qualified supplier of all domestic commercial reactors and export commercial reactors

in order to speed up the localization process of the third generation digital nuclear power, on November 30, 2007, the signing ceremony of the main equipment procurement and cooperation agreement of the third generation nuclear power autonomous support project was held in the Great Hall of the people. Zeng Peiyan, vice premier of the State Council and head of the national nuclear power autonomous work leading group, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech. At the ceremony, the state nuclear power signed a joint venture agreement with Ziyi. On march30,2008, China Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai. By transferring the imported digital I & C system design and I & C equipment supply technology, the company will realize the result evaluation of the independent scroll spring fatigue testing machine for Nuclear Power Engineering I & C system design, control system integration, complete supply of nuclear power I & C equipment, etc., which is: large-scale, serialized, so as to meet the needs of the rapid development of nuclear power in China for the independent design and manufacturing of key systems and equipment, Promote and accelerate the work process of technology introduction and localization of the third generation nuclear power digital I & C system

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