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Zhengyu promotes the development of the whole industrial chain of robots.

the Zhonglian building prefabricated robot project with a total investment of 1billion yuan in Zhengyu town has already acquired the land for the project started in the early stage, and the preparatory work for the commencement is being vigorously promoted

Zoomlion building assembly robot is another industrial robot complete machine project jointly built by Zoomlion construction group and zhenkang company, following zhenkang welding robot. Zoomlion construction group is a super qualified construction enterprise in the city, and its comprehensive strength ranks fourth in the construction industry of the city. In the process of promoting the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, the board of directors of the company felt that it was the general trend to replace manual construction with construction robots, and decided to get involved in the construction robot industry. Zhenkang company is a well-known R & D and production enterprise of industrial robots in China. The technology of industrial robots is in a leading position in the industry. Zoomlion cooperates with zhenkang to integrate zhenkang's technology with Zoomlion's industry and develop construction robots

"Zoomlion construction robot is a typical work of Zhengyu town to strengthen and expand the industrial robot industry with integrated technology and industrial advantages." Yu Jun, Secretary of the Party committee of Zhengyu Town, said. The industrial robot industry is a high-end equipment manufacturing industry focused by Zhengyu town. In recent years, the innovation team led by tangzikang, a domestic robot expert and chairman of zhenkang company, has made a breakthrough from the RV Reducer, the core component of the industrial robot, through the deep integration of independent innovation and integrated innovation, and has successfully developed a nationally produced welding robot, which has been successfully mass produced. The Party committee and government of Zhengyu town took this opportunity to start the construction of the first robot industry featured town in Jiangsu Province. Adhering to the planning guidance, the town invited the creative industry research center of Nanjing University to formulate the development plan of Zhengyu robot Town, adjust the overall plan for land utilization at the same time, take zhenkang industrial robot Park as an incubator for robot projects to attract investment, speed up the infrastructure construction of water, electricity, Road and gas in the park, and enhance the carrying capacity in combination with environmental remediation

since last year, Zhengyu town has fully expanded the influence of zhenkang's robot technology advantages, focused on industrial agglomeration, built a small town with robot industry characteristics, and strived to create a provincial Haimen robot science and technology innovation park. Yu Kui, deputy secretary of the Party committee and mayor of the town, introduced that they carried out precise investment attraction in accordance with the goal of the whole industrial chain of industrial robots. At the end of last year, with the help of the robot industry promotion conference held by the city in Beijing, they focused on promoting the robot industry characteristic town of Zhengyu Town, and a number of full chain projects gathered in Zhengyu. There are many experimental machines on the market in China. So far, the robot industrial park has successfully settled 8 major projects, 4 projects under construction, and two projects are about to start construction. These projects include both key components and related supporting projects

servo motor is the core component of robot transmission system. Relying on zhenkang technology, the Chenhao Electromechanical project started construction in August last year. At present, the structure of three plants is about to be capped. The civil engineering is completed in June this year. After the completion of the project, it can produce 500000 full digital intelligent AC servo motors for industrial robots. If you have any questions about the key parts of Fufeng robot, please contact our company in time. The project mainly produces the most widely used manipulator for industrial robots. The project has also started construction, and can produce 12000 sets of key robot parts per year after completion. Boli heavy industry, a major project started in the first quarter of this year, with a total investment of 120million yuan, mainly produces robot accessories. At present, Zhengyu town has two projects, namely, deep-sea robot Christmas tree project and robot linear hose project, which are being tracked and implemented. Prices in some areas of the pig iron market fell again. In the first quarter of this year, there were five projects of over 100 million yuan in Zhengyu town that had been started or were about to be started



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