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Yesterday, Lu Jinfa, chairman of the Taiwan printing and machine materials Association, and yangjinxi, chairman of the Hong Kong printing chamber of Commerce, led delegations to Jinjiang to participate in the first cross-strait Conference on materials such as steel strands, etc Printing technology exhibition. Yongzhan, director general of China Printing Technology Association, zhengdaoxi, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, guozhenjia, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC and director of the Provincial Publishing Bureau, wangyanbin, director of the printing and Distribution Department of the General Administration of publishing, fuyuanyuan, yangyimin, panyanyan and chenyuandian, municipal leaders, had a discussion with the guests to discuss the cooperation, exchange, interaction and win-win plan of the printing industry across the Taiwan Strait. Wangdemao, vice president of China printing and equipment industry association, and gaorunan, vice president of China Packaging Federation attended the symposium

guozhenjia introduced the situation of Fujian Province and the development of printing industry to the guests from Hong Kong. He said that Fujian is located in the southeast coast and has close ties with Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. With unique mountain and sea resources and unique cultural advantages, Fujian is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in China. After the "several opinions" of the State Council was put forward, the people of Fujian worked hard to build the Haixi Economic Zone, and achieved gratifying results in economic and social development. In recent years, the printing industry in Fujian Province has been growing and has become one of the important pillars of the province's cultural industry. There are more than 3000 enterprises with good printing response, more than 130000 employees, a printing industry output value of more than 26 billion yuan, 39 enterprises with an annual sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan, and 3 listed printing enterprises. A regional printing industry cluster on the West Bank of the Taiwan Strait has been initially formed. Fujian Province has continuously increased its support for the development of the printing industry, issued a series of preferential policies for the development of the printing industry, and created a good investment and business environment. I hope you can strengthen exchanges and cooperation through the exhibition platform, and pay attention to and support the development of the printing industry in Fujian

lvjinfa and yangjinxi thanked Quanzhou for their warm reception on behalf of the Taiwan and Hong Kong exhibitors respectively. They said that they were deeply honored to participate in the rapid development of the first cross strait printing industry event held in their hometown. After receiving the invitation from the organizing committee, the printing industry enthusiastically signed up for the exhibition. This trip also let the members of the delegation know about the economic development here, and I believe it will attract more peers to look for business opportunities and invest here

after the symposium, the Provincial Publishing Bureau also presented a set of 1184 copies of the large-scale ancient book "Si Ku Quan Shu" to the Quanzhou Municipal People's government, which will be collected by the Quanzhou Municipal Library

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