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Market outlook of PET plastic steel belt industry

Pet packing belt, also known as PET plastic steel belt, is a new type of binding belt that is currently popular in the world to replace steel belt. In the United States, Europe and other developed countries, plastic steel belt is widely used as a new binding and packaging material to replace steel belt and PP packing belt with its advantages of low cost, beauty and durability, environmental protection and recycling, and high degree of automation

pet plastic steel belt not only has the tensile resistance of steel belt, but also has the ductility of impact resistance. There is no problem of steel belt rusting and polluting bundled objects. It has beautiful appearance, safe and convenient operation, environmental protection and recyclable use. And the length of 1 ton of plastic steel belt is equivalent to the length of 6 tons of steel belt, which greatly reduces the industrial and application costs

according to the "domestic packaging industry Market Research Report", at present, PET packaging belt is mainly used in paper industry, some plate industry, and a small amount of steel and aluminum industry; The paper industry accounts for 43% of the market share. With the emergence of domestic pet plastic steel belt leading enterprises, the continuous improvement of production technology, the production of large-scale and higher strength products, but there are a lot of aliphatic double bonds on the SBS main chain, which are put into the market. With the large application of aluminum, steel and other industries, and the increase of international procurement to China, pet plastic steel belt will also become a large industry with a certain technical content

at present, it is said in the "domestic packaging industry Market Research Report" that China's packaging industry is in the period of technology and product upgrading. The situation of China's first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices is gradually changing, and the upgrading speed of export enterprises' external packaging is faster

the report points out that PET plastic steel belts are widely used in fire-resistant, papermaking, chemical, wood, plate, steel and other industries, making China's packaging technology reach the international advanced level. In 2005, it increased by 200%. In 2006, pet plastic steel belt was gradually applied by various industries because of its convenient application, beautiful appearance, safety and low practical cost (compared with steel belt, the use cost was saved by 60%). It is expected that in the next few years, it will inject the equity and assets of the graphite resource company into the listed company at an annual rate of 80% or higher when the conditions are available. The report also pointed out that PET plastic steel belt, as an internationally advanced technology product that does not need to be shut down, the international application market is also growing rapidly, and there is huge room for development

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