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The market growth of water quality analyzers, turbidity meters show their talents

nowadays, water pollution has become the focus of global attention. With the improvement of people's quality of life, people gradually pay attention to water quality safety. At this time, the water quality analyzer market has risen and developed rapidly, becoming an important detection means to ensure the safety of people's production and domestic water, and the market demand continues to grow

according to the report "2018 China water quality analysis instrument market outlook and opportunities" released by market research company researchhand markets in 2013, China is one of the largest water quality analysis instrument markets in the world and has become the leader in the Asia Pacific region. It is expected that in the next five years, China's water quality analysis instrument market will grow at an alarming rate, and the market will exceed US $550 million in 2018

the water quality testing market presents a huge development space, and the types of water quality testing instruments are becoming more and more complete. Water quality sampler, water toxicity analyzer, water quality analyzer, ion detector and other water quality monitoring instruments have been used in the field of water pollution detection, providing a safe water quality guarantee for people's production and life

among them, turbidimeter, as a detection device for measuring water turbidity, is also an important helper for water quality monitoring. It measures the turbidity of water samples by measuring the transmitted light intensity, scattered light intensity and incident light intensity or the ratio of transmitted light intensity to scattered light intensity. It is divided into scattered light type, transmitted light type and transmitted scattered light type. It is generally called optical turbidimeter and turbidity analyzer

this instrument is generally used for the detection of key positions such as the water outlet and the end of the water pipe of the waterworks. At present, it is widely used in the fields of municipal water supply, drinking water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant, chemical industry, industrial wastewater treatment, livestock wastewater treatment and so on

at present, China has taken the development of monitoring as an important technical route for the government to control water pollution and ensure water safety. The automatic monitoring of pollution source discharge outlets controlled by the state and local governments and the automatic water quality monitoring stations of rivers and lakes distributed all over the country provide a lot of application opportunities for water quality analyzers. In addition, the development of China's industries such as thermal power, chemical industry, electronics, medicine and other industries also promotes the demand for water quality analysis instruments

out of the current situation analysis and Prospect of the water quality analysis and detection instrument market, many high-quality instrument suppliers have burst out in this field, such as hash, spotlight technology, Jiangsu Tianrui instrument, Changzhou Jintan Jingda instrument, Qingdao Laoshan Applied Technology Research Institute, Nanjing Kejie Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. and so on. They have made great achievements in this field from the current international and domestic situation

as a supplier in the field of global water quality analysis instruments, Hashi's popular point is that the point 1 in the experimental curve from the first to the last point before the curve is stable is the yield stage. Users provide many laboratory analyzers, Portable Analyzers and analyzers, automatic water quality samplers, flow meters, etc., committed to providing pure/ultra pure water, drinking water, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, industrial circulating water Users in various fields such as environmental monitoring and university scientific research provide high-quality water quality monitoring solutions. It has 50 years of research and development experience in the field of turbidity analyzer. The extended meter with this kind of structure function can measure small displacement. At present, the series products represented by 1720e low range turbidity detector include low range turbidity detector, high range turbidity detector, turbidity suspended matter analyzer and particle counter, which are widely used in the industry

in the future, with the further opening of the market of water quality testing instruments, the competition in the instrument market will also be more intense. As far as the turbidimeter is concerned, it should be developed towards miniaturization and low cost. At the same time, the instrument should also have self-learning, self-management and self-adaptive functions, which can be changed according to the environment and operators. In terms of performance, it has been further improved to effectively improve the working efficiency of operators and meet the needs of the field of water quality detection

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