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Uv/eb raw material market outlook

background information

like the price growth situation of the entire ink market, the rise in raw material prices is also the theme of the current uv/eb ink market

c ho o: in 2005, driven by the supply of raw materials and energy costs, our raw material pricing has increased with the growth of the industry. We have tried our best to pass on some of the increased costs. Condon: the price of raw materials is indeed rising, but we are also looking for the highest quality and most reliable raw materials. Sometimes, we have to add a little cost for these raw materials, but our products will help customers achieve better results both at present and in the long run

l e n: the price of our raw materials has risen, but in view of the rapid growth of the current oil price, this price increase is understandable. However, we find it quite difficult to transfer these growth to our customers, and our profits are being squeezed

the market prospect is promising

as we all know, the ink market is facing the pressure of rising raw material prices. Nevertheless, the energy curing market continues to provide growing opportunities for ink manufacturers and suppliers. From the mouths of the following major u v/E B raw material suppliers, we can get a glimpse

Maurice Carruthers, general manager of North American ink Department of Dayang chemical P E R f o r m a n c e p i g m e nt s, predicts that the energy curing ink market will continue to grow in the next few years. We have seen a strong growth trend in the field of flexographic printing, and we look forward to this demand in the field of offset printing. At present, the industry is increasingly aware of the importance of cost saving and environmental protection, and energy curing ink can meet both needs. In terms of environmental awareness, we believe that this awareness will continue to grow, regulations will be strengthened, and the elimination of VOC will become more important

joon Choo, vice president of marketing of shamrock technology company: uv/eb field is an important part of our business, and it will continue to grow. By adopting our newly developed new technology, we will achieve greater growth in this field

Dr. Harald boner, head of Clariant printing business department: our company has also participated in the energy curing ink market through the original pigment series and newly developed products. We believe that these products will continue to grow in quantity

Jeff Norris, tactical marketing manager of Noveon Co., Ltd.: the sales volume of Noveon additives increased strongly, especially in the part sold to customers who produce energy curing inks and varnishes. At the same time, in terms of energy curing additives, we have a large number of development plans, and it is expected that 2006 will be better than 2005. Joe leen, general manager of Bomar: the energy curing market shows sustained high growth, especially for those professional oligomer manufacturers. It will develop better in the next three to five years. I expect the sales growth rate to double. Keith Condon, technical manager of dynamic color systems: energy curing represents a large part of our company's product growth and future development opportunities. We maintain close contact with ink production customers to ensure that the products they purchase can help them effectively obtain new business opportunities and establish a regional coal storage and distribution center in the west of Hainan facing Southeast Asia and the hinterland of South China

james Goodrich, head of Sartomer's applications chemist grahpic Arts Department: during the period of energy cost growth, many processors are turning from natural gas or electric ovens to uv/eb in ink curing. As a low-cost curing technology, the energy consumption of U V lamps is only a small part of that of electric ovens, so they have more cost advantages

application fields continue to expand

uv/eb is still expanding new application fields. Based on the sales of various suppliers, we can see that uv/eb technology will further grow in the following areas, and uv/eb ink is definitely the development trend in the future

(1) the strongest growth of uv/eb is in the field of professional coating, including coating for electronic products, such as, and the development of optical display market

(2) in terms of printing methods, in addition to flexographic printing, energy curing technology is expanding to other printing fields (including sheet fed offset printing). According to the survey feedback, single paper UV offset printing is a rapidly growing field. Since EB curing ink does not contain any photoinitiators that can cause migration or odor problems, it is recommended for food packaging printing

in addition, the industry has now been able to provide hybrid U V systems, allowing ink manufacturers to take into account the traditional U V base and carry out printing operations on traditional printing machines through a U V lamp. The hybrid system provides printing plants with the advantages of energy curing printing and curing speed, but reduces the high cost of pure U V system

(3) packaging has become the main growth area of UV/EB inks. Through the transformation of different ink surfaces, the products stand out to attract consumers. Whether to use UV ink printing is the main driving force. Among them, thin film printing uv/eb curing ink is gradually penetrating into the flexible packaging market. Customers in this field are looking for new and unique products, and their demand for strictly controlled powders and nanotechnology additives is becoming more and more common. Shamrock technology is stepping up the development of additives for the packaging field and working hard on the wear resistance of UV inks

(4) energy curing technology is constantly developing in the fields of flexographic printing, digital printing and narrow width rotary label printing. In addition, in the field of wide format printing, printers are increasingly applying U V digital technology in this field, such as outdoor billboards, so that these advertisements can enter the market at a faster speed

new products emerge in endlessly

it is precisely because of the development potential of energy curing inks that raw material suppliers have increased their technological research and development efforts and continue to develop competitive new products to meet the growth needs of this industry

sartomer is developing a new system that combines cost-effective chemical materials with high performance. It is reported that with this system, the formula designer can obtain outstanding performance at a lower price by using the original technology

the development of n o v e o n company focuses on the successful product line and the development of ultra-high performance products. They can use their super dispersion technology to improve the energy curing of natural wax dispersant C c-7655. The combination of these two technologies can improve the stability of dispersant, reduce the separation opportunity, and easily add it to the energy curing coating. According to the requirements of national standard gb1499 (2) 007, the company's solsper ese super dispersion technology is widely used in pigment based UV curing applications. The company is also focusing on improving the performance of anhydrous silicic acid by improving dispersants and suspensions

solsperse 7100 is a newly launched product. In addition, solsperse 32000, solsperse 36000 and solsperse 39000 are super dispersants successfully used in the field of UV curing

with the increasing demand for matte effect, s h a m r o c k technology company has launched a series of new additives: t however, this "maximum" refers to the maximum in the deceleration process of the object, not the maximum in the whole process. Therefore, based on the above analysis alone, it is impossible to draw the conclusion that the maximum acceleration at the lowest point is exmat t e 6000 series and the new micro powder x-7331. The company also continues to be committed to the research and development of new nanoflon PTFE (submicronptfe) dispersant monomers and oligomers. According to Choo, an experimental machine enterprise of metal and non-metal materials such as automobile, 5 gold, medical, rubber, plastic, leather, packaging, wire and cable, paper, pipe, baby products, sports equipment, etc., the uv/eb industry has well accepted this new technology, enabling formulators to develop new commercial applications in their application fields. Shamrock technology is also committed to providing new additives to make the U V/E B coating show varying degrees of gloss

performance segments will soon launch its patented energy curing series products, which are specially developed for sheet fed offset printing. These products have excellent transfer performance, so that the blanket can obtain the minimum expansion, and obtain the best printing performance on the machine at a higher curing speed. Compared with traditional flush dispersant products, these new energy curing dispersants for sheet fed printing are more economical and practical

through the development of U V/E B raw material market, we know that although the price of raw materials continues to rise, the temptation of U V/E B ink market is irresistible. In turn, the huge market potential drives the raw material suppliers of U V/E B to constantly expand new fields and develop new products, so as to promote the development of this market to a higher level and form a virtuous circle

source: business information of printing materials in China

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