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2008 light source appliance industry trend forecast

in 2007, when the country holds high the banner of "energy conservation and consumption reduction", energy conservation has attached a guiding label to light source products, and this measure will also become the focus of continuous attention in the new 2008. On the one hand, the national macro environment determines that light source products must develop towards health, environmental protection and energy conservation; On the other hand, due to the high price of raw materials, the increasingly serious homogenization of products, and the smaller and smaller profit space, economies of scale have become the key for enterprises to win the market. Therefore, the popularity of brands and the establishment of factories in enterprises that affect the efficiency of work will be the focus of the light source and electrical appliance industry in 2008

trend 1 energy saving products push through the old and bring forth the new

China, as the country with the fastest economic growth in the world at present, is also one of the countries with the most dynamic economy. Its high-speed growth will inevitably drive the vigorous development of China's lighting industry. It can be predicted that in the national macro environment of "energy conservation and consumption reduction", in 2008, when the "Green Olympics" is about to open, energy-saving light source products will become one of the products with the most market potential

in terms of energy-saving lamps, the future energy-saving lamp market will tend to the following three points:

1. The trend of energy conservation will be further strengthened, which can be seen from the relevant national policies and the practices of some provinces. For example, Hainan Province took the lead in China in proposing to abolish incandescent lamps in public places and replace them all with energy-saving lamps

2. High quality energy-saving light sources will gradually dominate. After experiencing the experience of "saving energy without saving money", the requirements for choosing energy-saving products are changing, and Chinese people are willing to invest in good energy-saving light sources at one time

3. Spiral energy-saving lamps will significantly occupy the market share of U-type energy-saving lamps. According to ellisyan, global president of TCP, from his own experience in the United States and the information fed back from the current domestic market in China, this trend is beginning to be obvious, because spiral energy-saving lamps have the highest luminous efficiency and are the most similar in appearance to incandescent lamps. They are the best choice to replace incandescent lamps. This demand comes from terminals

4. Judging from the current market situation, high-power energy-saving lamps will shine brightly in 2008. On the one hand, the engineering results show that the market demand for this product is rising. On the other hand, this kind of product has a broader profit space than low-power energy-saving lamps, which is more attractive to manufacturers

in terms of electrodeless lamp, as a new light source product, it is energy-efficient, shockproof, long life, environmental protection and energy saving, no stroboscopic, good color rendering, and does not need to appear in the market. Among the new products, graphene material has been used to add some functional capabilities to ordinary objects: the remarkable characteristics of footwear preheating with better heat dissipation performance have brought broad market prospects, which have attracted more and more attention from the domestic light source market. In the past 2007, due to the high-profile intervention of stenda electrodeless lamp, a "electrodeless lamp movement" was once launched. Due to its high intensive scientific and technological content and unique patented technology, the enterprises involved must have certain scientific research capabilities. Compared with the production of energy-saving lamps, LEDs and fluorescent tubes, it has the characteristics of high entry threshold and difficult to imitate and homogenize products. Moreover, as far as the electrodeless lamp products in the current market are concerned, the products produced by various manufacturers are also different in terms of technology. Patented technology, energy efficiency, longevity and other characteristics bring high market profits to the research and development and production of electrodeless lamps. At the same time, the unique promotion mode of "zero payment installation and installment payment after power saving" of electrodeless lamps will play a role in boosting the promotion and popularization of electrodeless lamps in the future. In view of the current market, consumers' cognition of electrodeless lamps has changed from ignorance to recognition. It can be predicted that 2008 will be a year when the "intensive cultivation" of electrodeless lamps in engineering channels and terminal markets will become clearer

led, OSRAM announced to the world at the end of last year that it had overcome the technical bottleneck of high-power LED in terms of packaging and heat dissipation. The breakthrough of this technology is bound to drive the heating up of the entire LED market. As the LED products launched by the company globally synchronously in 2008 fully enter the home and other fields, the popularity of the future LED market in home and other fields will be confirmed in 2008

on the other hand, the launch of LED household products will also drive the upgrading of relevant supporting products, which will play a certain role in promoting the product pattern of the entire light source and supporting product market

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