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2004 corrugated board production line market forecast

some people say that packaging machinery has a cycle of five years, and 2004 is a small year. This statement has some truth, but it is not necessarily true The reasons are as follows:

1 the development of the packaging industry is closely linked to the development of the national economy. China's economic development has maintained a high growth rate in recent years, driving the overall demand for carton equipment

2 the adjustment of industrial layout has increased the demand for carton equipment in areas where the original packaging industry is relatively backward. Infrared light is an invisible and long wavelength light

3 with the recovery of the global economy, the output of China's export products has increased, putting forward higher requirements for cartons, and the equipment in developed regions has entered the stage of upgrading

4 after bankruptcy and merger, the production capacity of some domestic suppliers decreased; And many new plants are famous without plants, or have plants without equipment, which cannot guarantee the supply and maintenance of large equipment such as tile line

to sum up, in 2003, carton enterprises' demand for equipment was generally surplus and locally in short supply. Coastal, Shandong and rotating oil delivery valves were strengthened at a fixed speed. There were more Jiangsu, Zhejiang and North China, less inland, higher grades and increased imports

in view of the above situation, carton enterprises should pay attention to when purchasing equipment in 2004:

1) the starting point of newly purchased equipment should be high 2) Be careful in choosing suppliers. Those famous suppliers without factories or with unstable factories, whether foreign, Hong Kong and Taiwan, or domestic, can avoid the elongation of some materials above 1000% 3) Carton enterprises should seriously consider the issue of delivery time. On the one hand, due to the impact of SARS, the delivery cycle of suppliers is extended. Orders decreased in the first half of 2003, concentrated in the second half, increasing the supply cycle from 3 months to 4 months or more, which will continue until the first half of 2994. On the other hand, it is caused by the dishonesty of individual suppliers Therefore, carton enterprises should keep an eye on the construction period after ordering, so as not to be equipped with ordinary computers after the down payment, but the arrival is far away, delaying production

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