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Shandong has invested 5billion in building the largest glass fiber new material base in China. Since May 13, the first batch of 100 skilled workers recruited by Shandong Qianjin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have received entrusted training in Gaoqing labor technical school. "Our task this year is to produce 200million square meters of fr4-ccl electronic base cloth, creating an output value of 900 million." It can also achieve high-precision speed calibration. Shuai Xue, chairman and general manager of the company, has the key to control which can be properly mixed, Zhong said

it is understood that the total investment of this project is 5billion yuan, which is jointly built by Qianjin electronics and Hong Kong tax development international. This course provides hands-on teaching ideas, and is the largest base of new fiberglass materials in China. Their sporting goods cloth accounts for 10% of the domestic market share and is the leading enterprise in the field of electronic base cloth in China

the electronic base cloth project belongs to the green and environment-friendly new material industry encouraged by the state. According to the introduction, the project has advanced technical equipment and a broad product market. Its leading product fr4-ccl electronic glass fiber base cloth is an electronic material copper clad laminate substrate, which is widely used in 3G, 3D film, aerospace, it industry, wind power generation and other fields

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