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The design of NC lathe machining practice project

the design quality of the project directly affects the implementation effect of teaching. First of all, the idea of making this plan should not only conform to the systematization and logicality of professional knowledge and skills, but also conform to the actual situation of students. Second, we should reasonably formulate key points and difficulties. Mastering knowledge and skills is a process of gradual accumulation, and many factors such as the size of the training project, the content of knowledge points, and the connection between the front and back should be considered

next, take the professional skill training module "machining of rotating parts with threaded surfaces" as an example to carry out the teaching design

1 design objective

after implementing this training project, students should acquire corresponding NC turning programming and operation ability, as follows:

(1) Master groove and thread turning process knowledge, and be able to 1 The experimental machine has a perfect lubrication system and safety protection system with corresponding cutting tools: master the control principle of thread NC turning:

although the number of electrical films is small compared with packaging films (2) master the programming instructions of thread turning and the programming skills of groove processing

(3) master the control method of CNC lathe, be able to input, run, debug and modify the basic processing program on the CNC lathe, and be able to use the CNC lathe to turn parts with grooves and threads:

(4) be able to use basic measuring tools to evaluate and analyze the processing quality of parts

(5) be able to carry out functional maintenance of machine tools and further manage the production process of turning parts

2 basic requirements for the teaching implementation of the project

(1) in the implementation process, we should take students as the center, cultivate students' action ability as the goal, and under the guidance of teachers' behavior, stimulate students' learning enthusiasm through various forms of teaching activities, so that they can actively participate in the project learning. That is, given a specific typical threaded surface called swivel parts, students are required to develop numerical control processing technology, compile numerical control processing program, carry out preparation before processing, process parts safely and accurately, test and evaluate the processed parts and put forward corresponding improvement suggestions. In the whole teaching, we should ensure the practicality, openness and professionalism of teaching

(2) in the teaching process, instructors should first teach necessary relevant knowledge, assign work tasks, coordinate students' grouping, clarify the division of labor, put forward consulting suggestions, and provide information on methods and ways to obtain information. In the process of implementation, teachers and students interact, learn and Practice on site, and students are independent. Teachers put forward improvement suggestions for students' work, guide students how to program and operate, review whether the NC processing program is correct, supervise the safety operation specifications, save a lot of expenses for the unit to adjust and control the progress, review the work schedule, and assist students to complete the formulation of process plans and the preparation of processing programs. Finally, after students' typical tasks are completed, teachers evaluate the quality of project completion, comment on team cooperation, and evaluate the implementation of standards and norms

3 teaching implementation process of the project

(1) formulation of the project content plan. According to "basic knowledge introduction, project tasks and teaching objectives", formulate a training project plan for typical threaded surface called swivel parts. Among them, "basic knowledge introduction" mainly includes the basic knowledge of thread processing, processing process and so on

(2) give a typical threaded profile called a swivel part drawing. According to the situation of students, give some contents and methods appropriately, and guide students to complete the following work: according to the requirements of drawings, apply the knowledge learned, formulate the part processing technology, compile the part program, and adjust the NC lathe to process parts

(3) the typical threaded profile is called the inspection of rotating parts after processing. After the teacher properly explains the methods of different standard thread detection, the students operate by themselves, and test and evaluate the processed threaded parts according to the detection methods of different thread detection tools. Let students find problems by themselves and solve them face to face. This will not only make students remember deeply, but also exercise their ability to act

(4) summary of learning evaluation. After the students finish the project, the instructor will evaluate and summarize the completion of each group of students. As a link of teaching, learning evaluation and summary is not only the goal of learning, but also used to stimulate and check the learning situation. The evaluation summary includes: the evaluation of the knowledge learned, the processing of typical thread parts, and the learning process

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