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Shandong Province announced the "white list" of enterprises in the "5 + 4" de capacity industry

it was learned from relevant departments that by pressing the "reset" button, the Shandong provincial government announced the "white list" of enterprises in the "5 + 4" de capacity industry a few days ago. The "white list" lists 253 high-quality enterprises in the "5+4" capacity removal industry in the province, with a financing demand of 113.8 billion yuan

among them, the loan demand is 7.2 Morimatsu 300 million yuan, the working capital loan demand is 25.2 billion yuan, the trade financing demand is 7.2 billion yuan, the installation is simple, and other needs are 9.1 billion yuan

"5+4" refers to the initiative of Shandong provincial government to adjust the production capacity of oil refining, tire, chemical industry and coal based on the five major industries identified by the state, namely, steel, cement, flat glass, electrolytic aluminum and shipbuilding

an insider said that tires are a kind of "5+4" industry, and some tire enterprises will definitely be included in the "white list" and receive corresponding financial support

it is revealed that when applying for financing, relevant enterprises need to fill in a number of information, such as operating revenue (absolute amount), year-on-year growth rate of operating revenue, asset liability ratio, proposed mortgage guarantee method, etc

consult the relevant departments of Shandong Province on the specific amount of financing needs of tire enterprises in Shandong Province

however, as of the time of publication, the relevant departments have not made a positive response

in addition, relevant information shows that this "white list" will be published on the "Shandong financing service network platform" of Jinan Branch of the people's Bank of China

the platform relies on the operation in the financial metropolitan area, and only many enterprises compete to participate. The people's Bank of China and banking financial institutions can log in

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