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Shandong has many traditional industries, with a large proportion of electromagnetic exciters. Over the past five years, Shandong has always maintained a rapid growth in technological transformation investment in the process of economic climbing. Technological transformation investment has not only become the main body of industrial investment in Shandong, but also the new driving force of technological transformation is becoming the key to mining the "gold mine" of traditional industrial transformation and upgrading, and the main force to promote industrial economic transformation

technological transformation is the key to the transformation of traditional industries. Stephen, an expert on the geographical benefits of reducing oxidation rate, is a participant in the transformation process of new and old kinetic energy of Shandong enterprises. In Linyi Zhongbo Penghao glass company, an intelligent production line jointly designed by him and Chinese engineers has changed the traditional production process of insulating glass. Stephen told: "the whole equipment can make insulating glass warm edge spacer strips at one time through software. The traditional production process requires four steps: manual frame making, canning, gluing and upper frame, which has a great chance of producing errors. For example, during the bending process, aluminum strip welding leakage will occur, and the gluing process is prone to wire breakage, which will affect the sealing effect. Our equipment improves the production efficiency and product stability."

Linyi Zhongbo's original main product was ordinary flat glass. The output of Shandong enterprises has accounted for one tenth of the domestic output. The market is seriously saturated and is listed as one of the industries with 5+4 capacity reduction. The investment in new products is large, and the current profits are too low, not to mention that the restrictions on energy consumption and environmental protection are becoming more and more stringent. Just when the enterprise hesitated, Linyi City launched a strict environmental protection rectification action, and two high energy consumption and high pollution flat glass production lines of China Glass Corporation were forcibly shut down. Wang Dongsheng, deputy general manager of the company, said, "the environmental storm made thousands of tons of glass melt solidify, and two kilns were abandoned, resulting in a loss of tens of millions. We also learned from the pain, and showed our determination to break our wrists. We must carry out transformation and upgrading."

there are many directions for the transformation of flat glass. After comparing with many high-end products such as low radiation coated glass, the enterprise chose to convert to hollow glass. Insulating and soundproof insulating glass is called "breathing glass", which is more than ten times higher than the price of traditional flat glass. Moreover, compared with other products, it can help solve the inventory problem of enterprises. Duan Bing, the company's sales director, said, "we need at least two pieces of insulating glass and at most three to five pieces of flat glass to produce insulating glass. Such an extension of the industrial chain plays a great role in the digestion of our own glass inventory."

domestic insulating glass sealing strips are mostly aluminum strips, and thermal expansion and cold contraction affect the sealing life. At an equipment exhibition in Germany, Linyi Zhongbo saw the warm edged insulating glass production line shown by Austrian expert Stephen and his team, which can greatly improve the performance of products. After inviting foreign technical assistance, Linyi Zhongbo spent a year customizing its new glass equipment production line. The Transformation Fund of 150million yuan is worth the enterprise. Liu Hao, the general manager of the company, said, "the original competition between enterprises was to seize the market by reducing prices and costs. In this way, although prices rise and develop rapidly, they also cause a certain surplus. In the future, our enterprises will take improving product quality and increasing technology research and development as the fundamental, which will be the new driving force for the development of our enterprises."

in the past five years, technological transformation in the direction of high-end, intelligent, green and service has become the main theme of Shandong's industrial transformation and upgrading. 60% of the province's 10trillion industrial investment has been invested in technological transformation. The economic benefits of technological transformation also drive the enthusiasm of enterprises for technological innovation. Plastic film blowing machine manufacturers understand the meaning of innovation, and more and more enterprises take the initiative to increase scientific research funds. Last year, the investment in scientific and technological innovation in Shandong Province exceeded 142 billion yuan, which was 1.7 times that of five years ago. The proportion in GDP increased from 1.86% five years ago to 2.27%. The proportion of medium and high-end products increased significantly, effectively driving the industrial transformation and upgrading of the province. (Yu fan, Cao Lei, Wu Shaowei, Liu Tao)

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