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Shandong paper equipment new products and new technologies Exchange Fair was held in Jining. On August 4, 2004, the "Shandong paper equipment new products and new technologies exchange and Trade Fair" hosted by Shandong Paper Association and undertaken by Jining Huayi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. was held in Jining canal Hotel, The meeting was presided over by Cui lizhang, general manager of Shandong made valve, which only acts as a safety valve, and paper machinery in accordance with the "people's Republic of China measurement Law" and the "measures for the supervision and administration of licenses for manufacturing and repairing measuring instruments"

song Honglin, director of Shandong Provincial Light Industry Office, made an incisive analysis on the current situation of papermaking in our province and the country and the direction of the next development. He believed that the development speed of papermaking in Shandong was a leap, and it was also first-class in the country, and put forward valuable opinions on the next development of papermaking industry. Chen Weimin, Secretary General of Shandong Paper Association, made a report on the development and application of new products and technologies of paper equipment, which is currently made in Shandong and has high requirements for kiln equipment with high nickel ternary materials

at the meeting, six papermaking equipment enterprises made a detailed introduction to their new products and technologies developed in recent years and conducted extensive technical exchanges with customers

on August 5, more than 120 representatives from more than 50 enterprises attended the meeting came to Jining Huayi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. at No. 99, electromechanical 1st Road, high tech Industrial Development Zone for a visit and investigation. I witnessed the new appearance of Huayi Company: the plant is spacious, bright and tidy, all kinds of workpieces are arranged in order, employees are dressed neatly, and the workshop is busy. Delegates generally believed that Jining Huayi Company has developed rapidly from small to large, from soil to foreign countries, and has become the largest manufacturer of waste paper treatment equipment in China today. It really deserves to be called "first-class technology, first-class equipment, first-class service and first-class management"

the delegates also visited the coated white board production base of Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. The meeting was held in a timely manner and achieved a complete success

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