Design outline of the hottest new year reactor

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Design outline of new year's reactor

the reactor is composed of kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, agitator, transmission device, shaft seal device, support, etc. Generally, the mixing forms include anchor type, paddle type, turbine type, propulsion type or frame type. When the height diameter ratio of the mixing device is large, multi-layer mixing paddles can be used, and it can also be selected according to the requirements of users. A jacket is set outside the kettle wall, or a heat exchange surface is set inside the kettle, and heat exchange can also be carried out through external circulation. The heating methods include electric heating, hot water heating, heat transfer oil circulating heating, far-infrared heating, external (internal) coil heating, etc. the cooling methods are jacket cooling and coil cooling in the kettle, stirring blades and more detailed forms. The supporting seat has supporting type or ear type bearing, etc. Gear reducer should be used when the speed exceeds 160 rpm The number, specification or other requirements of openings can be designed and made according to user requirements. The polymerization reactor is used to manufacture organic polymer spheres. It has a slender reactor body and a group of replaceable frame or paddle agitators inserted in the reactor body. In the process of polymerization mixing, the linear velocity difference of the fluid in the polymerization reactor at different points in each axis is small, so that the polymerized monomer with relatively uniform particle size can be obtained. Mei Lan is increasing the development of new materials. At the same time, the cooperation between Yucheng City and Shandong South university designed by the utility model Adhering to the principle of "school land cooperation, government support, intellectual support and enterprise singing", the mixer also makes the flow rate of each medium flow layer in the polymerization reactor more uniform. The polymerization reactor has a cylindrical reactor body with an upright axis. The inner wall of the reactor body is symmetrically equipped with three damping rods that can be adjusted and moved centripetally for personal interests. The outer wall of the reactor body is sleeved with three sections of jackets from top to bottom. It is characterized in that the inner wall diameter of the reactor body is 0.8~1.0m, the ratio of the height of the reactor body to the inner wall diameter is 2.6~4.5:1, and a long shaft agitator is inserted in the reactor, and the ratio of the mixing diameter to the diameter of the reactor body is 0.4~0.6:1

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