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Shandong restarts the long-term trial settlement of power spot recently, Shandong electric power released the notice on carrying out the trial operation of power regulation in Shandong power spot market in October, and carried out the trial operation of power regulation in the spot market on October. Previously, Shandong Provincial Energy Bureau issued the notice on doing a good job in the whole month settlement and trial operation of the power spot market in November (hereinafter referred to as the notice), which made it clear that it plans to carry out the whole month settlement and trial operation of the power spot market in November

Shandong electric power spot market was originally scheduled to carry out the trial operation of electric power spot settlement for four consecutive months in September this year, but in the third power transfer operation and trial settlement in May, 95.08 million yuan of "unbalanced funds" were generated in four days, which attracted great attention from the "power reform circle", and the long-term trial settlement was postponed

after nearly half a year of waiting, the unbalanced fund allocation scheme in Shandong spot market has been finalized. The notice on doing a good job in the settlement and trial operation of the third electricity spot market in Shandong Province (hereinafter referred to as the settlement notice) issued by Shandong Provincial Energy Bureau pointed out that the four market entities of "external electricity, new energy, foreign-related emergency and nuclear power" share the unbalanced funds according to the proportion of priority electricity

where did the unbalanced funds in Shandong come from? Why choose this allocation method? What adjustments will Shandong make to the long-term trial settlement that is about to restart

the allocation method is generally reasonable, and priority power generation needs to be undertaken by

, but recently, there is great resistance to participate in the market

the settlement notice shows that, Po Chun Hsu, a member of the market unit power on mass production team in Shandong Province, said: "the unbalanced fund generated by modifying industrial polyethylene through chemical treatment is 61.5853 million yuan, and the unbalanced fund generated by the mismatching of market power generation and consumption by time is 33.4966 million yuan.

he Aimin, senior economist of Ontario independent power system operation company in Canada, pointed out: "Judging from the apportionment results, this unbalanced cost consists of two parts, namely, the mismatch between market-oriented power generation and consumption, and the mismatch between market-oriented power generation and consumption by time period, which are both problems arising from the dual track system of planning and market."

the notice also specifies the allocation method of unbalanced funds caused by the mismatching of power generation and consumption by time period: in the spot market, when the market-oriented power generation is less than the market-oriented power consumption in this time period, the less power generation is borne by the proportion of external power (priority plan part) and priority power generation in the province (new energy, nuclear power, thermal power priority) according to the time period and at the spot market price

it is understood that according to the current policy, the above four market players are all "priority power generation", which is still implemented according to the catalogue price. Does this preferential power generation participate in the allocation and the adjustment of Shandong spot rules indicate that preferential power generation directly participates in the spot market

he Aimin told that priority power generation needs to participate in the power market. "Although there are no other supporting measures, this change is generally reasonable. Giving priority to power generation and bearing a certain price risk of geotextile testing machine with main specifications of 10kN, 20KN and 50kN can not only improve the short-term allocation efficiency of the market, but also help further improve the guiding role of price on supply and demand."

an insider who declined to be named said that at present, all priority power generation has not been "opened up" in the spot pilot, nor has it been considered whether the dual track system design in the spot market can continue. "In other words, the solution of unbalanced funds by giving priority to power generation and participating in the spot market as mentioned above cannot be achieved in the near future."

the spot market is like a "mine detector". The preferential power generation and utilization system that conflicts with reasonable results needs to be adjusted. How does the unbalanced funds come into being? Some analysts directly pointed out that there were flaws in the rules of Shandong power spot market, while others attributed it to the dual track system

according to he Aimin, The unbalanced funds in China's spot market are not the same as those in the real sense, "Ian added." the balanced funds of thermoplastic nanocomposites are usually melt mixing or in-situ polymerization. "In foreign countries, unbalanced funds only include ownerless residual funds and accounts receivable for which no exact beneficiary can be found. The amount of this money is usually small enough that no one cares. However, in China, the costs of unit combination and standby are included in the category of unbalanced funds, which violates a most basic market principle - whoever benefits pays, resulting in many unreasonable cross subsidies."

when it comes to reserve costs, some people believe that Shandong capacity compensation electricity price exacerbates the imbalance of funds. In this regard, the above industry insiders believe that: "in all pilot projects, Shandong capacity compensation mechanism is at the leading level. Low spot prices mean market failure, and the existence of capacity electricity prices also aggravates the imbalance of funds. This view of 'two blockages' is contradictory, and the key is that foreign electricity occupies the capacity cost in the province."

Flywheel energy storage, superconducting electromagnetic energy storage and super capacitor energy storage are suitable for occasions that need to provide short-term and large pulse power

the person also pointed out that the current power generation and consumption system is contrary to the spot market, resulting in the above results, and the market rules are not the "culprit". "In fact, the spot market is a 'mine detector'. When the market operates, it must abide by the rule boundary, and the policy that conflicts with the reasonable result needs to be changed."

an industry expert explained that the power generation capacity of priority generating units does not adjust with the market supply and demand, and is settled according to the fixed electricity price approved by the government, resulting in the non market power generation and priority power consumption cannot be equal, resulting in capital surplus and shortage. "At the same time, the lower the spot market price, the greater the difference between the spot market price and the fixed price to be paid, and the higher the amount of additional subsidies required, which will further amplify the capital surplus and shortage. The two parts of the capital surplus and shortage are the so-called 'dual track unbalanced capital', which is also a problem in Guangdong and Shanxi."

"the era of big pot" is coming to an end,

there is an urgent need to establish an authoritative and transparent supervision organization in the power market

the above insiders pointed out that the different treatment of the preferential development market inside and outside the province has seriously affected the construction process of the power market. "The essence of market units is to provide peak shaving services for external electricity, nuclear power and renewable energy that do not participate in regulation, so it is easy for all parties to understand and accept the consistent allocation mechanism of auxiliary services."

through the appearance of the mismatch between preferential power generation and utilization and the spot market, the deeper contradiction seems to have surfaced. Then, what are the obstacles to the release and development of power consumption plan

the market mechanism will produce structural price adjustment in a certain supply and demand environment, that is, if distribution according to work is to be implemented after "not eating a big pot", the subjects who suffer short-term losses and make up for the number are naturally unwilling. "In the past, generally speaking, the larger the scope of external power allocation resources, the better, but this is a prerequisite, that is, the larger the scope of market transactions, the better. If the trading scope and power consumption curve are artificially determined under the planning system, the line may be polarized, some full load, some low transmission efficiency, which is also a special examination of power planning and investment decisions." The insiders pointed out that

he Aimin believes that Shandong, Guangdong and even the national power market lacks a transparent and authoritative monitoring mechanism. "In foreign markets, independent third-party monitoring agencies often analyze these costs in a timely and very thorough manner and propose corresponding solutions, which will not produce various interpretations."

the above experts agree with this. He believes that the long-term operation of the market is based on trust, and transparency is the source of trust. "How to ensure the implementation of various policy objectives in a more market-oriented and transparent way is a challenge to the government's governance ability and the key to the transition from the planning system to the market."

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