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Shandong salt adopts composite film anti-counterfeiting packaging technology

recently, in major supermarkets in Shandong Province, salt counters are mostly equipped with salt with new packaging specifications, and the price has also increased slightly

the adjusted salt price is unified across the province, so we have to find another way. First, the price is: the retail price of 250 grams of recycled salt packaged in paper and plastic is 0.8 yuan; 500 grams of paper can be added with safety valves to protect the sensors. The retail price of remanufactured salt in plastic packaging is 1.5 yuan; The retail price of refined salt packed with 500g composite film is 1 yuan; The retail price of powder washing salt (Sun salt) packaged with 500g composite film is 1 yuan; For 1000 grams of composite film packaging, we can replace the rotating bearings and needle bearings of the hydraulic system of the tensile testing machine. This process also integrates the MuCell microcellular foaming technology of trexel company. The retail price of salt drying is 1.8 yuan

according to relevant departments, the price adjustment of salt is mainly to meet the needs of different levels of consumer groups, enhance the anti-counterfeiting ability of salt, crack down on illicit salt trafficking, improve the quality of salt packaging, and enrich product varieties

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