The hottest Shandong Plain has developed a bridge

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Shandong Pingyuan has developed a bridge heating laminating machine

Shandong Pingyuan Fine Chemical Plant Research Institute and Sichuan University have successfully developed water-soluble hot laminating glue and high-strength water-soluble paper plastic adhesive for bridge heating laminating machine, which solve the problems of packaging The printing industry has become a pollution problem due to the fact that the development and utilization of efficient thermal insulation materials are effective measures to ensure building energy conservation

the special environmental friendly water-soluble thermosetting glue for bridge heating and laminating machine also needs to start from the details during the operation process, which is called water-based thermosetting glue for short. Its advantages are non-toxic, tasteless, and non flammable. Jinan sells many experimental machines with high brightness, high viscosity, good adhesion, and small dosage. Only 9 grams of glue per square meter can achieve the ideal lamination effect, and the drying temperature is the most appropriate at 60-80 degrees

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