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Shandong released the solution to the dispute over electric vehicle consumption

in the future, the phenomenon that it is difficult for electric vehicle consumers in Shandong to safeguard their rights will be fundamentally improved. Recently, Shandong Provincial Light Industry Office, Shandong Consumer Association and Shandong Bicycle Industry Association jointly issued the "Shandong electric bicycle consumption dispute resolution (Trial)" and it is scheduled to be officially implemented on may 1f0 + F1 (n) this year

it is clear in the measures that the three guarantee period of the complete electric bicycle is half a year; Lead acid batteries, rims, controllers and chargers have been in the past two years; 2 years for front fork, frame and handlebar; 2 years for brush motor and 3 years for brushless motor

the measures stipulates that consumers can choose to repair, exchange or return electric bicycles that fail to function normally within 7 days from the date of sale; Within 15 days from the date of sale, consumers can choose to repair or exchange goods if there is a performance failure that cannot be used normally

within the three guarantee period, if the main components of the electric bicycle, motor, controller, transmission system and braking system, have the same faults that affect the use performance, and can not be used normally after two repairs, the seller is responsible for replacing the electric bicycle of the same specification and model for consumers with the repair records and certificates provided by the special repairer. Because there are no products of the same specification and model, and the main tasks of consumption are the collaborative development of common key technologies, industry experts' prediction, transfer and dispersion, and commercial utilization. If the person is unwilling to exchange products of other models and specifications and requests to return them, the Seller shall return them. Consumers who exchange or return goods should pay depreciation fees, with a depreciation rate of 1 ‰/day

within the validity period of Three Guarantees, if the electrical appliance has the same fault that affects the use performance, and it still cannot be used normally after two repairs, or there is no repair value after the performance fault, the seller is responsible for replacing the charger matching the whole vehicle for the consumer with the repair record and certificate provided by the special repairer. If the battery is less than 90% of the rated capacity within 15 days after the electric bicycle is sold, replace it with a new one

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