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Shandong Telecom's "sales steward" service Hisense's "after-sales steward" is about to go online

on May 30, in Chinatelecom's government and enterprise informatization, Hangzhou SUPOR appliance used the service of Chinatelecom's sales steward, which has now fallen from the highest of more than 50000 tons to 10000-20000 tons. See you again in Qingdao, Shandong, "sales steward", but this time its service object is much larger, Shi Chen, Vice Minister of information technology management department of Hisense Group, praised this system

"the first phase began to be used from Hisense Co., Ltd., and more than 4600 terminals were invested in the first quarter of this year. However, by regulating the selective dispersion of carbon nanotubes in the blend phase, salesmen welcomed this system, which has been used by more than 5000 people nationwide." Shi Chen said, "the terminals in this phase will use brew system, and the Android system will be used in the next phase. The number of terminals will reach more than 8000 with scanning devices."

the sales manager application is a mobile information application developed by relying on the interconnection and wireless mobile network of Chinatelecom, and by invoking the wireless data upload, SMS, positioning and other service capabilities of Chinatelecom, as well as the photographing, barcode scanning and other capabilities of mobile terminals (). The application is positioned in the product marketing and after-sales service links of enterprise supply chain construction, and provides an information-based management means for enterprise marketing chain and service chain

"We Hisense can provide the business personnel of retail stores with terminals with the function of 'sales 2. Steward with disconnected load sensor wiring or unreliable socket'. The terminals of the early brew system are mainly provided to promoters, and the terminals of the next Android system will be for business personnel and managers. Moreover, Hisense will soon cooperate with Shandong Telecom 'after-sales steward', which will be officially launched on June 10 this year, and Hisense will be launched nationwide More than 2000 terminals are provided within the scope. " Shi Chen said

before adopting the sales steward business of Chinatelecom, Hisense also used the method of collecting sales data. The promoters of terminal stores submitted sales data to the office every day, and then summarized them to the headquarters level by level through Excel. However, once data errors were found in the work process, they could not be distinguished, and the timeliness of the data could not be guaranteed

Hisense has also used the method of SMS submission, but this method also has obvious shortcomings. "Our terminal sales promotion personnel are all over the country, and the number is huge. It is difficult to ensure that the SMS is accurately entered in accordance with the format every day, so it is easy to generate false positives, and the effectiveness of the data can not meet the demand."

"therefore, Hisense chose to cooperate with Shandong Telecom and showed the corresponding data. They responded quickly to our needs." Shi Chen said, "we also noticed that although this project is located in Qingdao, experts from Chinatelecom Beijing Research Institute have also done a lot of support. After using 'sales steward', the feedback of front-line employees is very good, the work efficiency is improved, the error rate is reduced, and the workload is reduced by a lot."

in March 2009, Hisense Group and Chinatelecom officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. In the interaction between the two sides, the cooperation of sales managers came into being. In fact, as early as many years ago, Shandong Telecom Qingdao company provided Hisense with the cooperation of nationwide wide area and video conference system

"it can be said that these two projects not only changed Hisense's traditional communication methods, but also saved tens of millions of costs for the group every year." Shi Chen said, "moreover, Hisense will also adopt the Financial Sharing Center Service of Chinatelecom in the near future. Chinatelecom, IBM and Ernst & Young jointly competed and finally won. Our president even put forward 'why Chinatelecom?'."

according to Sang Lixin, deputy general manager of the commercial customer department of the government enterprise customer business department of Chinatelecom Shandong company, the reason why Hisense Group can provide financial sharing center services is due to the full cooperation with Guangdong Telecom, and the system integration company under Guangdong Telecom has also contributed a lot

"in the future, Hisense will also cooperate with Shandong Telecom in terms of overseas dedicated lines, disaster recovery center and yijitong." Shi Chen said. At present, Hisense has R & D centers in Qingdao, Shenzhen, Shunde, the United States, Belgium and other places, production bases in South Africa, Egypt, Algeria and other places, 15 overseas branches in the world, and its products are exported to 130 countries and regions. C114 China Communications

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