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Shandong region signs orders again, Sany PC business accelerates development

Shandong region signs orders again, Sany PC business accelerates development

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on June 30, in Shandong 6S center, China Railway 14th Bureau and Sany Heavy Industry signed a cooperation agreement on the PC production line project, and sany equipment will participate in the construction of Jinan PC factory of China Railway 14th Bureau. It is reported that at present, Sany has signed eight PC production line contracts in Shandong region, ranking in the forefront of the country. Sany PC business is accelerating its expansion

pay attention to quality, China Railway 14th bureau group selects Sany PC production line

China Railway 14th Bureau Group is the first construction enterprise in Shandong Province to have two "high-end market access certificates" at the same time, namely, the special qualification of Railway General Contracting and the special qualification of housing general contracting. In recent years, the company has accelerated the exploration of housing industrialization projects, but the technical classification and application classification of China Railway 14th Bureau under it are sometimes difficult to be so detailed, so these 20 relatively miscellaneous classifications can also be simply summarized as category 4 Construction Technology Co., Ltd., which is a newly established company with its layout of Shandong Jinan housing industrialization market

according to the agreement, the PC plant in Jinan of China Railway 14th Bureau will adopt the PC production line of Sany for production. The plant has 280 mu of construction land for phase I and phase II and 120 mu of construction land for phase III, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan. In addition to Jinan, China Railway 14th Bureau has also built a PC factory in Beijing. Zhuguili, general manager of China Railway 14th Bureau Construction Technology Co., Ltd., said that the final selection of Sany PC production line was mainly based on the trust of Sany equipment and brand

as a housing industrialization base approved by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, Sany is the only enterprise in China that can provide overall solutions for PC complete sets of equipment, including PC automatic production line, PC environmental protection mixing station, prefabricated parts special transport vehicle, heavy forklift, heavy tower crane, etc. The company has mastered the complete set of technology of PC equipment and its core technologies such as automation, intelligence and informatization, as well as the design, production and installation of PC. at present, it has more than 40 technical patents related to housing industrialization. According to Zhu Guili, with decades of smart factory experience and strong neopor? Foam contains graphite particle meter manufacturing capacity, which can upgrade the traditional housing "construction" to housing "intelligent construction" as soon as possible

pc business accelerated to expand from domestic to foreign

it is worth noting that in the same month that the agreement was signed, the complete PC equipment of Jinan Changxing housing and Engineering Co., Ltd., which Sany participated in the construction, has been successfully commissioned

according to the marketing staff of Sany Heavy Industry agent Shandong Haiyi, Sany PC business is accelerating its expansion. Since the listing of Sany's PC production line, it has attracted the attention of more than 30 excellent enterprises, including Fujian Jianchao, Tianjin housing, China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, Shanghai Construction Engineering Group, Jinan Changxing, Weifang Changda, Shandong Tongfa, and finally reached strong cooperation. From the perspective of PC business nationwide, the overall market situation in Shandong region is good, and sales are concentrated in Jinan, Weifang and other regions in Shandong Province. At present, Sany has signed contracts for eight PC production lines in the region, ranking first in the country

Wang Xingyi, chairman of Shandong Haiyi, said that the national implementation of housing industrialization has received the attention and support of Shandong provincial government departments, of which Jinan has become a comprehensive pilot city of national housing industrialization. In line with the development trend, the company's sales team attaches great importance to the market promotion of PC products. Excellent product quality and the use of high-quality carbon fiber composites will undoubtedly get further growth in supporting services, and finally win the high trust of customers

in addition to accelerating the expansion in the domestic market, Sany PC business has also made breakthroughs overseas, especially in Africa, which urgently needs to improve housing conditions

previously, the envoys of 36 African countries to China visited Sany Heavy Industry, and the envoys of Algeria, Mauritius and many other countries to China put forward orders on the spot. Moreover, in 2015, Sany set up a PC working group in North Africa to investigate the housing market in Algeria, Nigeria and other countries. At present, the company has successfully developed the local housing industrialization market with cevital group, the largest private enterprise in Algeria

Li Lei, general manager of Sany North Africa, said that PC business is expected to become a new profit growth point overseas

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