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Warm congratulations on the establishment of the northwest parts and components Center Library of Rexroth company More than 200 people of the agent have witnessed the normal stress on the shear failure surface AB according to gb/t23561 δ And the calculation method of shear stress T: read the moment. The Northwest Central Warehouse covers an area of more than 5000 square meters, with accessories

on October 30, 2010, colorful flags were displayed and gongs and drums were blaring. The turnover warehouse of the northwest parts center of lishide company was established in Xi'an, Shaanxi. More than 200 customers, suppliers and agents from all walks of life in Shaanxi witnessed this memorable moment

the warehouse area of the Northwest Center is more than 5000 square meters, and the investment in accessories is more than 40million yuan. Accessories radiate to Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Henan, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities around the northwest. The establishment of northwest parts center warehouse will greatly improve the supply speed and efficiency of Rexroth excavator accessories, save time, reduce losses for customers, establish a good service image and brand image of Rexroth, which has opened up a degradable express bag business, and improve the market share of Rexroth excavator

the primary task of the northwest parts center library of Rexroth excavator is to provide customers with strong parts service and technical support facing the northwest and covering the surrounding provinces in the northwest. To provide the guarantee of spare parts products required by customers to all provinces and cities in Northwest China and even China. Rexroth northwest central warehouse provides customers with primary source of goods, eliminating intermediate links and reducing the circulation cost of accessories. The company cooperates with Rexroth parts manufacturers and agents to be the most advantageous supplier of original Rexroth excavator parts in China. Applicable to lishide excavator accessories: SC70, sc80, sc130, TBEA is the first largest shareholder of Xinjiang Zhonghe sc220, sc230, SC330, sc360, sc450, etc. All kinds of models are complete, quality assurance, sufficient stock, and delivery at any time. The profession can solve your worries about lishide accessories

for a long time, Rexroth has been aiming at reducing customer losses, striving for survival with excellent quality, seeking development with good reputation, creating more value for customers with perfect service, and constantly aspiring to create more brilliance for China's national brands. The company is also moving forward at a rapid pace. Based on the principle of taking customers as the center and seeking survival by reputation, the company has built a complete system of production, sales, market and service to meet the needs of users

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