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Many people hide good wine in their homes, and every bottle of good wine is waiting for you to open it on a special day. However, the storage of wine has become a problem for the family. The round wine bottle will roll and fragile, which takes up a lot of space. In fact, a certain amount of wine can be stored in some small corners. Take a look at the following wine cabinet design prepared by Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian for you

[case1: lattice partition acts as a wine rack]

the top companies of Wuhan decoration company pointed out that the partition between the restaurant space and the aisle is a design with diamond lattice pattern, which is also a good place to store wine bottles! Each compartment can accommodate 1~4 bottles of wine, with a large storage space, but Xiaobian warm tips, if your family also wants to use this for reference, the compartment must be reinforced to ensure the safety factor of wine bottles

[case2: corner compartment design of the top cabinet]

Wuhan decoration budget cost-effective companies believe that the use of the top cabinet design in the kitchen is a measure to save kitchen space and expand the storage field. So for the large top cabinet with plenty of space, why not make the wine storage more accurate? The corners are designed as narrow compartments, each of which can be placed with a bottle of wine

[case3: wooden wine rack hanging on the wall]

the wall is actually a great extra storage space. This special wooden wine rack hanging on the wall completely activates the function of the wall. Each jack can firmly fix the wine bottle in it, and setting it next to the dining table or bar can bring more convenience. Recommended reading: decoration effect drawing of restaurant wine cabinet

[Case4: wavy shelf as wine shelf]

continue to use the wall space, and the shelf has always been a good assistant to help the wall realize the storage function. For the wine shelf, of course, it needs a shelf with special shape, and the wavy wine shelf can well fix the wine on the shelf without worrying about rolling down

[case5: shelf with high edge]

the wall mounted display cabinet is often used for displaying and storing books. In fact, it can also store wine. Are you worried that it will roll down? The shelf height treatment on the outer edge of the shelf can block the wine bottle and sweep away your concerns

[case6: Wall wine shelf creates a small bar]

the part at the corner of the restaurant is designed as a bar, which is simply composed of side cabinets and wall hanging shelves. The wall hanging shelves are just used to store good wine. The wine on top is clear at a glance, fashionable and beautiful





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