Fierce competition in the door and window industry

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The intensity of the professional competition for doors and windows is now well known. The rise of domestic door and window enterprises and the entry of foreign door and window brands have brought more pressure. Therefore, in today's open, collaborative and regional integration, it is very important for door and window enterprises to seek cooperation between brands

resource sharing of door and window alliance

in recent years, facing the sudden force of international brands, the door and window profession is also facing the aggression of cross-border bosses. The gap between doors and windows and home is disappearing, and the category gap of big home is gradually vague. Today, I still dare not decisively deny the success of cross-border integration with positioning theory, but it can be determined that door and window brands will continue to face sudden attacks from other household occupations. Enemies are everywhere, which may come from other categories or low-level e-commerce brands

brand resource sharing doors and windows professional regional alliance has become a trend

for doors and windows brands that have a considerable scale now, it is also a direction to cope with the new normal to marry each other, help each other, and grow bigger and stronger together. Especially for some door and window brands with little conflict in their own ways, it is better to jointly expand and jointly fight the enemy. Customers are different, and the ways are different. The combination can form 1+1> 2, the so-called "one chopstick is easy to break, ten chopsticks are difficult to break" is this truth. If the door and window enterprises still hold the backward idea of "better be a chicken head than a phoenix tail" and cling to the incomplete, they may miss the best opportunity to cooperate with the desired brand, and the brand value will not increase but fall after all, and the door and window enterprises may eventually be brought to a mediocre demise and unable to extricate themselves

the door and window alliance promotes home integration

once home integration becomes the mainstream trend of home industry, the original market value of the door and window profession will be greatly reduced, and the door and window profession will also march towards home integration in order to meet the market. But the coverage of home integration is very wide. It is not easy to be isolated by door and window enterprises alone, but if we can unite together, it will certainly increase our strength and increase the odds of winning the mall competition

regional alliance is undoubtedly the most cohesive form of many alliance methods. After all, the economic development of different regions is different, and the production methods of doors and windows will also be different. The development process distance between local enterprises is not large, and the surrounding environment is relatively consistent. Collaboration will become more "door-to-door". Therefore, in the future, regional alliances will become a new form of door and window industry




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