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Whether it is the decoration of new houses or the reconstruction of old houses, the kitchen is a key project. When buying cabinets, many people care too much about the material and color of the panel, but ignore many details, so they often encounter inconvenience in the future use process. Therefore, when you are ready to buy cabinets, you must know what kind of kitchen is suitable for you

first, create a central workbench

sink, stove and refrigerator. The triangular working area was once regarded as the golden rule of kitchen design, but now, this concept is being broken. First of all, the increase of kitchen equipment such as ovens and microwave ovens makes it impossible for us to follow the dynamic line of the triangle work, and the opening of the kitchen poses a challenge to the triangle. If possible, it is best to set up a central workbench in the kitchen, which integrates storage, meal preparation and cooking areas. Family and friends can also work together to share the fun. It's natural and friendly to communicate while cooking

second, leave some space for children

can't take care of young children when parents cook? In the traditional concept, children cannot enter the kitchen. In fact, if you consider leaving some space for children at the beginning of kitchen decoration, children can also enter the kitchen. They can be equipped with desks to facilitate homework, or they can also participate in cooking, know Cereals, and learn simple housework. When children enter the kitchen, safety issues need special attention. The isolation board to protect the stove, the corner safety sticker to prevent collision, the drawer lock to store knives, and the power protection are all necessary equipment

III. configure breakfast table

add the configuration of breakfast table in the cabinet, which is very useful. In addition to eating breakfast, you can rest here during the cooking interval, supplement the preparation table, and tidy up your food here after shopping. The breakfast table makes you more relaxed in the kitchen

IV. lighting cannot be ignored

lighting equipment should be installed under the hanging cabinet, inside the hanging cabinet and ground cabinet, ceiling and cooking area. Do not abandon these lighting in order to save the cost of circuit transformation, otherwise it will bring great inconvenience. Ceiling lighting is easy to leave a shadow in a certain area, thus affecting people's cooking operations. If it is a vegetable cutting area, there is still a great danger. The lighting under the hanging cabinet should be able to adjust the angle, which is suitable for the height and line of sight of different cooks. The switch of the lamp inside the cabinet should be connected with the opening and closing of the cabinet door, which is more convenient to use

v. store items by Region

there will always be endless items in the kitchen. The best way is to classify and store. Divide the areas first, and then consider the classification of drawers or cabinets. Use baskets and separators. The more detailed the classification, the easier it is to find. Special separators such as condiment boxes and tray holders are not a small cost, but they cannot be spared for convenience in the future

VI. add charm to the corner

when the cabinet meets the corner position, it is difficult to put things in the internal space. Only by installing turntables or retractable baskets can the space be fully utilized. Disc basket is the most ideal solution. At the same time, the cabinet needs to be designed into a circular arc, which is both beautiful and practical

VII. Increase professional kitchen equipment

people who like cooking and are willing to entertain friends at home should increase professional kitchen equipment as required. For example, many people often come to eat at home. It is necessary to install a heating plate under the counter top of the cabinet to ensure that every dish is hot when it is served. The meat grinder that can be folded and put away and the meal preparation plate with an electronic scale are all good helpers for convenience and improving the cooking quality. On the contrary, if you seldom eat at home, there is no need to equip those complex equipment to avoid waste





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