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Recently, many owners who choose to decorate in the new year are asking Xiaobian, "how to pay the decoration money is more reasonable?" I believe many owners have such problems. Because family decoration is a huge project, there will be a lot of mistakes during this period. If the decoration payment is paid before the decoration, the problems in the later stage will appear quite passive. Experts told Xiaobian that it is best to pay the decoration money step by step or make more efforts when calculating the decoration money, so as to avoid home decoration disputes. So, how to pay the decoration money more reasonably? Next, Wuhan home improvement network Xiaobian will come to give you tips

in addition to reviewing clear and detailed contracts and decoration quotations, buyers can also pay attention to the specific payment in stages, and further investigate the detailed progress and quality of the project. The key figures, such as those that are different from the contract, double calculated, quantities and area calculations, should be checked one by one

1. Advance payment for commencement (30%~40%)

generally speaking, after the owner signs a formal decoration contract with the home decoration company, the advance payment for commencement is the first money that should be paid to the home decoration company, which is generally the payment for basic materials and a small amount of labor living expenses, such as the materials to be used at the beginning of the construction (wood board, cement, sand, wires, wood strips, etc.). Because the quantity of home decoration is relatively small compared with that of public building decoration, and the funds of general customers are ready before the start of home decoration, it is reasonable to prepay about 30% - 40% of the project funds to the decoration company as the starting funds after signing the formal decoration contract with the decoration company

paying an appropriate amount of advance payment for commencement can ensure the timely purchase of decoration materials without affecting the timely progress of the construction period. However, the proportion and specific amount of the advance payment for commencement should be clearly marked in the formal contract signed by both parties. Before signing the decoration contract, the decoration company is required to issue a detailed project quotation and the selected material list, as well as the decoration process, so as to be well aware of it, and it must be delivered after the acceptance of the first batch of project materials

2. Interim progress payment (30%~50%)

with the progress of the project, you can consider paying the interim progress payment after the basic work quantity in your bedroom has been basically completed and accepted. At this stage, different owners can decide the payment amount of the medium-term progress payment according to the progress and quality of the project. Generally, it is appropriate to pay 30% - 50% of the project payment, because the finishing materials are often more expensive than the base materials. If there is a financial problem at this time, it is most likely to delay the construction period

when the decoration project is in the middle of its progress, the concealed works should also be accepted in time, and the decoration company should be required to issue an acceptance certificate. After passing the acceptance, the interim payment can be delivered. If the decoration company does not agree to the acceptance, the interim payment of the project can be refused. If the decoration company requires to sign for all the increased and decreased projects before the delivery of the interim payment, and the completed projects must also pay the corresponding fees, at this time, we must be calm, and we must carefully check whether all the projects are true before signing. If we find any problems, we should put forward them in time. After all, this directly involves the actual interests of the owner, so we should not be careless. At the same time, we should develop the habit of calculating the area in person after any project is completed, so that we can know everything well, and we don't have to worry about the false accounts of the decoration company

3. After the completion final payment (10%)

the medium-term progress payment is paid, 10% of the project payment should be paid as workers' wages until the project is basically completed, which plays a role in stabilizing the "morale of the army" and allows workers to do the rest of the final work at ease

after the project is completed, the final payment of the project can only be paid after passing the acceptance. During the acceptance, carefully check whether the added items are completed, whether the quality is qualified, whether the size is correct, and whether the size and quantity are completely consistent with those on the budget. In this way, the problems found during the acceptance can require the decoration company to rework, and the decoration company shall be liable for the breach of contract for the delay in the construction period

4. Maintenance deposit (5%)

finally, after the project is completed and the site is cleaned up, the buyer must retain 5% of the total project amount as the quality deposit, which will be paid half a year later. The remaining balance of the project will be paid to the decoration company at one time after the completion acceptance is completed and both parties are satisfied

in addition, some customers deliberately default on the final payment after the completion of the project, thinking that this can make the decoration company constantly change and repair it. In fact, this practice is unwise. If it goes on like this, it will disgust the decoration company. It will not promote the repair progress, but will make the after-sales service impossible to guarantee in the future. Therefore, the customer should make the decoration company rectify the obvious problems existing in the completion acceptance in a short time, indicate the reasonable conditions for the payment of the balance, and reach a consensus with the decoration company with the attitude of negotiation. If the two parties cannot reach an agreement, they can ask the relevant supervision department for coordination





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