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In the middle and late stage of decoration, owners will face a large number of installation links. When installing many products that have been paid in full, they will encounter the phenomenon of secondary charges in transportation, assembly, accessories and so on. This has almost become an unspoken rule of the industry, and many consumers have been recruited. Experts said that consumers should communicate well with businesses before signing the contract. If secondary charges are involved, businesses should make it clear to consumers before charging

◆ the phenomenon of secondary charging is common.

Mr. Wang, a flooring agent who has worked for many years, said that the market competition is extremely fierce now. Therefore, in order to complete a business, businesses often try to meet the price requirements of consumers, and then earn profits in the installation process. For example, some flooring prices are charged separately for flooring and accessories, while others are all inclusive. When installing all inclusive flooring, workers often bring free accessories and charged accessories for owners to compare. Of course, charged accessories are certainly better than free accessories in terms of appearance and function. Owners who can't stand the temptation will pay for them

according to insiders, if there is a consumer complaint, the business will explain that these temporary installers collect fees without knowing it in the store. In fact, many installers' secondary charges have been tacitly approved by businesses, and even some businesses will use installers to recommend accessories and promote their own products

◆ industry view: completely eliminate unrealistic

Mr. Gong, general manager of a home decoration supervision company, believes that it is difficult to completely eliminate secondary charges, but businesses must communicate with consumers in advance

for example, in the process of ceramic tile delivery, if the truck cannot drive below the owner's floor, there is a certain distance, it should be communicated with the owner in advance, and manual handling fees should be charged. Many owners can also understand this. Manager Yao of champion ceramic tile said, for example, but now brand ceramic tiles gradually include handling fees and other items in free services. Consumers should not be greedy when choosing ceramic tiles and choose products with low prices

after consumers buy toilet (toilet decoration effect drawing), wash basin, shower room (shower room decoration effect drawing) and other sanitary ware, workers may charge for hoses, sewer pipes and other accessories in the process of installation. The main reason for these expenses is that the distance between the water outlet or water outlet and the installation position of sanitary ware is far, and the length of standard accessories is not enough. Manager Jia of Jiumu sanitary ware explained that if consumers are not sure about the location of the water outlet, they must ask the merchant to send someone to come to the site to measure it, otherwise it is not the consequence of the merchant, and the cost can only be borne by the consumer

◆ reasonable suggestions: it is very important to refine the contract

then how can ordinary consumers effectively prevent the phenomenon of secondary charges in the decoration process? Mr. Gong said: first of all, consumers should strengthen communication with businesses. The key to solving the problem is to refine the charges of the contract, such as whether the labor cost is included in the installation fee, how to calculate the cost of auxiliary materials, etc; Secondly, consumers should choose brand businesses as much as possible. Brand businesses pay more attention to the maintenance of their reputation, and their after-sales services can also provide more effective protection and services

when purchasing household products, consumers should sign a detailed purchase contract with the merchant, carefully read the relevant terms of the contract, and in case of unreasonable terms, they should ask the merchant to change them in time; For the charging items involved in the purchase of goods, businesses should also be included in the contract in written form





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