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Explanation of decoration construction terms (V)

★★ solid wood floor: a floor made entirely of wood. It is generally in a long strip shape, and the keel needs to be laid under it during installation, which makes the foot feel comfortable, but the price is expensive. See the picture on the 41st floor

★★ laminate floor: the floor made of organic plastic has a layer of wood grain paper on it, and the top is a transparent wear-resistant layer, so it looks like a wood floor. Because it is hard and cold, it is not popular with people who like solid wood. But it's convenient to clean, it doesn't need regular maintenance, and the price is much cheaper. See the figure on the 42nd floor

★★ solid wood composite floor: it is mainly plastic structure, but the upper layer is not wood grain paper, but real wood skin, so it has the natural texture of natural wood. It is easy to take care of, durable and convenient to install. The price is between laminate flooring and solid wood flooring. It can be said that it combines the advantages and disadvantages of both. See

★★ cable plate/paint plate on the 42nd floor for instructions and drawings: Cable plate is a unpainted solid wood floor, and paint plate is a solid wood floor that does not need to be painted again. Painted board is better than plain board. Plain board is much cheaper than painted board. Sometimes the effect of paving is also good. See the figure on the 43rd floor

★★ skirting line: a low strip-shaped block installed under the wall, made of ceramic tile, plastic, solid wood and other materials, is used to prevent feet or cleaning tools from splashing the wall

★★ invisible safety net: screen made of very fine steel mesh. Advantages of advertising: 1. Prevent children from accidentally falling off the building and prevent windows from falling. 2. High strain capacity design, in case of fire emergency, it can be removed in 3-5 seconds. 3. With micro steel wire, it does not hinder the view, and the beautiful scenery outside the window remains unchanged, which can better retain the original architectural style. 4. It can be connected with the anti-theft system and cooperate with the hidden construction to ensure the beauty and safety. Price: about 150/m2. From the photos, it's not completely invisible, but it's really much better than the screen

★★ plywood: also known as thin core board, several clips are made of several layers of boards, and each layer is 1mm thick

★★ Blockboard/large core board: these two names refer to a kind of board. This kind of board is glued with multi-layer miscellaneous wood strips (or willow Eucalyptus strips, a good point of Liu'an) to form a core, and 2mm thin plates are pasted on both sides, because these plates are bonded by glue. The quality of domestic adhesives is uneven, and the contents of formaldehyde and benzene in many adhesives exceed the standard, so these substances in plates exceed the standard, and furniture is easy to have a pungent taste after being made. Due to the combination of a variety of miscellaneous trees, the density difference is large, and it is easy to deform; High water content; The formaldehyde content is high (some good brands of formaldehyde do not exceed the standard); It cannot be used directly and must be post processed. Usage: the common processing method is to manually stick the veneer or brush mixed oil, and apply varnish on the back. If the veneer is stuck on both sides, the cost is twice as high. Environmental protection test standard: formaldehyde emission per cubic meter of plate should be less than or equal to 150 mg. Even if it has such and such defects, in the current home decoration projects, whether it is doors, door jambs, window jambs, heating hoods, lockers, partition cabinets, etc., the most common is the large core board




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