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AEG Vienna series &8212; If the master bedroom likes spring, it will always live in spring. The green spring branches summon the magpie in his heart, as if spring really came. Green drunk his eyes and blue drunk his heart. Lying in bed, facing the pure white wardrobe on one side and the city night scene behind the blue curtain on the other side, it is really beautiful, drunk &8230; AEG Vienna series &8212; The second bedroom enters the door and faces the dressing table. The exquisite and elegant life style is clear at a glance. Entering the wall wardrobe is simple and fashionable, which can be ignored. The windowsill is leaning against the comfortable bed, and the green curtains can't block the light of the city. Lying on the bed, you can also look at the vast starry sky, twinkling into a dream &8230; AEG Vienna series &8212; The blue and white star carpet in the study grabbed the line of sight at once, and when the line of sight moved up, you could see a working picture composed of a computer, a water cup and a desk lamp. The open lattice cabinet contained books and accessories, displaying amateur leisure. The closed cabinets on both sides of tatami expanded the family's storage strength. AEG Vienna series &8212; The high-end customized furniture in the guest restaurant, matched by the blue small broken flower wallpaper, suddenly feels the style of European home furnishings. Wine, goblet wine cabinets, blurred crystal chandeliers, dining tables and chairs with unique patterns, and unique sofas are all expressed around elegant Europe. You who like modern European style must not miss it. AEG Vienna series &8212; The kitchen white cabinet gives the kitchen a clean and refreshing visual effect. The cabinet has rich and diverse structures and strong functions. It is also perfectly embedded with various electrical appliances, making it more convenient for people to use and creating the possibility of the birth of more delicious food. AEG Vienna series &8212; The use design of bathroom is visually divided into three parts, including washstand, toilet and shower room. The functional space division is direct and clear. The transparent glass door makes people feel no partition, but it actually achieves the effect of dry and wet separation.? Aiger joins www.aiegle com





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