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Constantia promises to achieve 100% recyclable consumer packaging by 2025

Constantia flexible packaging group is one of the world's leading flexible packaging manufacturers. Its products are supplied to multinational companies and local markets of food and pet food, which can be said to be a practice worthy of global imitation and the pharmaceutical industry. Constantia is a company committed to sustainable development and actively participating in circular economy. Recently, Constantia has made a resolution:

Constantia promises to achieve 100% recyclable consumer packaging by 2025. As a global flexible packaging manufacturer and a company committed to sustainable development, Constantia flexible recognizes the importance of actively promoting circular economy. Therefore, future product innovation will focus on implementing design guidelines to develop uniform specifications that can be recycled on a practical and commercial scale. "

flexible packaging can reduce waste and save resources to support circular economy through very effective materials and energy. Efforts in the field of flexible packaging have further improved resource efficiency

Constantia plans to automatically save the experimental results to achieve the goal of 100% recyclability by evaluating the recyclability status of its products and monitoring the progress towards this goal. The focus will be on those product specifications and current recyclable practices. The company will strengthen development, strive to promote new innovation, and strive to overcome the challenges of existing problems or unnecessary non recyclable plastic packaging

Constantia flexible is the fourth largest flexible packaging manufacturer in the world, serving 40 regions in 18 countries. The group has changed from a supplier with strong regional focus in Europe to a manipulator in the whole unit center, which can serve the focus of flexible packaging of multiple material experiment machine balls. Many international companies and local market leaders from the food and pharmaceutical industry have adopted Constantia flexible's sustainable innovative products

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