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Connecting Silicon Valley and Chengdu AI innovation resources: the Western AI innovation center is located in Tianfu New Area

original title: connecting Silicon Valley and Chengdu AI innovation resources: the Western AI innovation center is located in Tianfu new area with the deepening of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in Chengdu, Chengdu is interested in introducing

original title: connecting Silicon Valley and Chengdu AI innovation resources: the Western AI innovation center is located in Tianfu New Area

with the deepening of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in Chengdu, Chengdu's demand for introducing overseas advanced technology, attracting overseas high-quality projects and promoting Chengdu projects to open the international market has become more frequent

on July 20, at the "2018 China Artificial Intelligence International Cooperation Conference", leixuejie, Secretary General of CCPIT Sichuan Council, Chen Jie, deputy general manager and chairman of digital intelligence valley of Chengdu technology transfer (Group) Co., Ltd., and Yin bin, chairman and founding partner of CO innovation, jointly inaugurated the western artificial intelligence innovation center

the Western artificial intelligence innovation center is located in the digital intelligence Valley Park of Chengdu Science City, Tianfu new area, Chengdu. In the first phase, 2000 square meters of space will be used for professional incubation of artificial intelligence projects. It will gather all essential industrial resources such as "government policy support, industrial investment funds, and industry senior mentors" and strive to build Chengdu's first professional accelerator in the field of artificial intelligence. At the summit, industrial cooperation agreements were signed with fenox, a well-known venture capital fund in Silicon Valley, awesm venture, and startse, the largest technology service platform in Brazil

at the same time, the "Ai global innovation plan" will be released. It is expected to introduce, cultivate, incubate and provide in-depth guidance to 100 high-quality AI enterprises at home and abroad by 2025. It will focus on the cross advantages of R & D and market ends in China and North America, improve the application rate of AI in various vertical industries, and improve the industrial agglomeration and industrial radiation of local AI. The plan will mainly serve the artificial intelligence project to polish the business model, obtain the first (or next) round of financing (RMB fund & USD Fund), and expand the markets of China and the United States

in fact, as an important carrier for Chengdu to cultivate new economy, Tianfu new area has always been in the forefront in promoting the international incubation of Chengdu projects and docking international resources. In 2017, the North American innovation center of Tianfu new area was officially launched in Silicon Valley of the United States, becoming an important channel for introducing overseas high-quality projects, technologies and talents to Chengdu and promoting the overseas development of Chengdu innovation projects. This time, as the transaction price of the Western artificial intelligence innovation center has not been officially announced, it will undoubtedly further promote the two-way interaction and exchange between Tianfu new area and the international market in terms of venture capital, enterprises, technology and talents

on the afternoon of July 20, the "2018 North American artificial intelligence enterprise China Travel and AI resource docking summit" hosted by the North American innovation center of Tianfu new area and hechuang Xinye (Beijing) Technology Service Co., Ltd. provided a great opportunity for Chengdu AI entrepreneurs and service institutions to connect International Ai industry chain resources on site. The International Ai vision and the AI application of international high-quality enterprises have really brought a sharing feast to Chengdu entrepreneurs

industry perspective: what is the difference between Chinese and American AI entrepreneurship

in order to make Chengdu entrepreneurs better understand the International Ai entrepreneurship trend, at the summit, hanzuli, co-founder of Huxiang and AI investment incubator, Yin bin, chairman and founding partner of CO venture, Tommaso di Bartolo, CEO of awesm venture, an early AI investment institution in Silicon Valley, Ricardo geromel, founder of startse, the largest technology service platform in Brazil, and other experts, investors and service institutions from the field of artificial intelligence in the world, From the perspectives of the comparison of AI innovation environment between China and the United States, overseas market expansion, capital docking and so on, he shared his views

when talking about the comparison of AI entrepreneurial environment between China and the United States, Yin bin, chairman and founding partner of the joint venture, said that the United States has significant advantages in the integrity of industrial structure, technology and talents, while China is better in the supply chain, data and consumer market. With the international flow of innovation resources, the exchange of entrepreneurial projects between China and the United States will certainly become closer and closer in the future

in an interview with brother Hu after the conference, Yin bin believed that the recent "money shortage" of domestic investment institutions was an opportunity for the resource docking of Sino US projects. He said that the U.S. market will also be short of money. To solve this problem, high-quality projects in the United States will seek resources in the world and China, and so will high-quality projects in China. "Creating a money shortage is a process in which all kinds of resources will concentrate on high-quality projects, and powerful enterprises can develop faster. But on the whole, I don't think we are short of money. Our funds are concentrated in certain fields. If we want to reduce the leverage, then the funds will withdraw from these fields and enter the more promising new economy and new technology industries. So it seems like a crisis on the surface, but it may actually be an opportunity Yes. "

talking about the policy adjustment of the incubator industry this year, Yin Bin said: "in the traditional ICT industry, only the top two can improve the operational effectiveness of equipment in any subdivision field at the same time. The first one relies on technological innovation to monopolize the market, and the second one relies on technological innovation to maintain its share. However, incubators or technology service industries are particularly scattered. There are thousands of small incubation platforms in China, which can not integrate resources, and can not plan large-scale exchange and learning activities, which is very inefficient." Therefore, with the integration of the industry, the institutions with international, chain and professional capabilities will eventually be left, forming a competitive relationship similar to the top two in the ICT industry, which is also the inevitable process of the development of the industry

regarding the opportunities and challenges faced by AI, hanzuli believes that the discussions in the past few years have imagined AI as ideal, but there are many dangers in its application in life, and security is a blind spot ignored in the field of AI. The challenges of data security and privacy security are very big, which is one of the main challenges encountered in the future artificial intelligence application scenarios

for the future development trend of AI, Tommaso di Bartolo believes that in today's society, data has become an intellectual property right, and the protection is becoming stronger and stronger. But sometimes, it is necessary to authorize the data to others. Protecting data privacy while authorizing can be achieved through artificial intelligence

for the development opportunities in overseas markets, Ricardo geromel said that according to his observation, 99% of billionaires are entrepreneurs, so the way to truly change a country and the world is Entrepreneurship and education. Startse is Brazil's technology service platform, connecting entrepreneurs and investors, Brazilian entrepreneurs and international resources. Now, startse also hopes to connect Chinese entrepreneurs with Brazil and jointly discover new market opportunities

ai how to implement the landing application in the actual scenario

at this summit, International Ai frontier companies also demonstrated the practice of AI in multiple fields and specific scenarios, which is also a rare learning and exchange opportunity for Chengdu AI entrepreneurs

1. Application of machine vision in vertical fields such as security

securitai is a Silicon Valley company committed to the innovation of next-generation artificial intelligence core technology, computing imaging technology and data intelligence technology. Wuweixin, one of the founders, has worked in famous companies such as AMD, Qualcomm, Amazon 126 lab and Dongfang Li. He is a senior AI technology expert

according to wuweixin, the key technology of the team is to use the patented next-generation artificial intelligence technology and computational imaging technology.

only 2K sensors can be used to achieve ultra-4k imaging effect, and only 20% of the light can be used to achieve 9 times the data acquisition, thus making accurate imaging and identification possible in the case of ultra-low light and rapid movement

at present, the company's products have been applied in security, driving, retail and other industries. Take a preventive home security product for the U.S. market as an example. It includes three parts: HD camera, cloud and mobile app. Users can establish their own list of trusted people and observers, and can share it with neighbors in real time, so as to achieve 24-hour preventive protection

2. The application of AI in the catering industry

menusifu is a typical case of the application of AI in the catering industry. It mainly solves the five major problems of location, management, marketing, service and capital in catering operations, so as to realize the intelligent management of restaurants

for example, for the restaurant location problem, menusifu carries out macro data mining from the outside, and provides restaurant managers with relevant market environment and business type analysis after macro analysis in combination with population, economy, region, transportation and other factors. Then, it extracts the operation data of all menusifu terminals from the inside for customer preference analysis. Combined with the macro business type data, it can provide restaurant managers with market potential and trend analysis

for another example, in view of the limited financing channels of the catering industry and the difficulties of restaurants in obtaining development funds, menusifu uses its data advantages to provide credit report analysis for restaurants by using AI, so as to realize the connection between restaurants and investors

according to Bessie, its executive vice president, by 2018, menusifu has reached the first in the market share of Chinese food in North America. Since its establishment four years ago, it has obtained Angel round financing from Zhenge fund. By February this year, it has completed a+ round financing

3. Application of AI in data annotation

awakening vector is committed to providing high-quality and efficient data annotation solutions for AI enterprises at home and abroad. CEO Yang Yang had rich experience in finance and investment in Toronto

Yang Yang pointed out that data annotation is the extraction of key information from the underlying data required to be trained by the computer model. At present, for many AI teams, data annotation is a process that consumes manpower and time. Many teams often choose outsourcing, which has created a huge market

awakening vector is committed to building a tagging factory. Unlike many tagging platform models, all taggers in the tagging factory work in a full-time capacity, with higher tagging quality, lower cost and higher efficiency

at present, the awakening vector can complete video annotation, point annotation, polygon annotation, voice transcription and other functions. It has two data factories nationwide and there, and is considering the feasibility of establishing a third one in Chengdu. In the future, in addition to further improving the efficiency of standard software, we also hope to complete the transformation from labeling factory to data training outsourcing factory as soon as possible

4. Application of AI in smart communities (properties)

FUCA technology is a comprehensive solution provider for smart communities (parks). Its founder, huangtongyuan, once served as the technical director of the U.S. Navy intelligent algorithm application and research center and the technical director of general atomic technology corporation. He has rich technical experience in artificial intelligence, cognitive technology and big data analysis and mining

Huang Tongyuan said that for artificial intelligence, the market of to B is also a market that has not been fully developed. Therefore, fucaco's standard 9.5-inch thick concrete slab can bear 119 pounds per square foot. The technology is mainly aimed at b-end community users and is committed to reducing the management difficulty for them. Firstly, on the basis of establishing the management information platform, FUCA technology establishes the human behavior data model base, and then gives full play to the IOT technology, so as to make the community become an intelligent subject. On this basis, it uses artificial intelligence technology

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