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Seeking new development in the smart lock industry, the 2018 annual summit of China's hardware lock, door and window industry was held in Ouhai

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on December 20, the 2018 annual summit of China's hardware lock, door and window industry and IOT + Intelligent Manufacturing Forum were held in Ouhai, with more than 500 hardware, doors and windows Leaders of enterprises in lock and other industries and experts from corresponding scientific research institutes talk about the new future of interconnection and intelligent manufacturing, and jointly seek new development of intelligent lock industry

at the event site, China hardware industry technology innovation strategic alliance awarded Ouhai District the title of "China intelligent lock production base" and Bank of China (Ningbo) Battery Co., Ltd. the title of "China intelligent lock battery production base". The people's Government of Ouhai District signed a contract with Zhejiang kaidishi Industrial Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang yaheda Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. to explore the way to build "China's intelligent lock city"

sunhuichuan, director of the product quality and safety supervision and Management Department of the State Administration of market supervision, Luomin, director of the industrial culture development center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, wangchi, vice mayor, and wangzhenyong, deputy secretary of Ouhai District Committee and head of Ouhai District, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Gan Yong, former vice president and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, delivered the theme report on the three basic elements of a powerful manufacturing country. Wangweizhi, CEO of Shenzhen romance Technology Co., Ltd., and yaoweiqin, President of the soft decoration branch of Golden Mantis architectural decoration Co., Ltd., delivered keynote speeches on full automation, making anti-theft doors fall in love with smart locks and soft decoration trends and integration

as one of the pillar industries in Ouhai, the lock industry in Ouhai has formed a relatively complete industrial system after long-term development. At present, there are more than 300 lock making and related enterprises in the region, with 30000 employees, accounting for one seventh of China's lock market share, and exported to more than 160 countries and regions in the world. The "lock capital of China" is well known at home and abroad. There are holes in the plate samples. At the same time, as the first practitioner of "made in China 2025", Ouhai is also the "pioneer of Chinese intelligent locks". In 1998, Ouhai Tianyu group took the lead in the country and released the first intelligent lock. At present, there are more than 80 intelligent lock enterprises in the region. It is estimated that this year, the output of intelligent locks will exceed 2million, an increase of more than 100%, and the market share will increase to more than 15%, forming the "Asia Pacific, Tianyu, neutral Among a number of smart lock star lineups such as general motors, Cadiz is now the second largest smart lock manufacturer in the world, second only to Samsung in South Korea, and Ouhai has now ranked first in the domestic smart lock industry

in order to speed up industrial transformation and upgrading, last year, the district Party committee and the district government put forward the goal of building "China's smart lock city", merged, improved, simplified and summarized the original industrial promotion policies, and formulated and issued the "1+1+10" industrial policy system, including industrial policies in 10 aspects, such as headquarters economy, scientific and technological innovation, and advanced manufacturing. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of the high-end and intelligent development of the lock industry, a number of intelligent lock industry production bases, business office, R & D center investment projects 1, basic environment projects, such as Ouhai new City Central Business District phase I, Niushan business building, Wenzhou intelligent lock Industrial Park, Wenzhou National University Science Park, etc., were launched

in his speech, Wang Chi pointed out that in recent years, Wenzhou municipal Party committee and government have seized the major opportunity of a new round of global manufacturing reform, deeply implemented the made in China 2025 and innovation driven development strategy, and made every effort to promote the transformation of traditional industries from primary entrepreneurship to high-end innovation. Traditional industries burst out new vitality. In the new era, in order to achieve high-quality development of traditional industries, it is necessary to plug in the wings of Internet and intelligent manufacturing. I sincerely hope that all experts and scholars participating in this forum and summit will give more valuable opinions on Wenzhou's entrepreneurial transformation and intelligent manufacturing development. I hope that all entrepreneurs, investors and industry elites will come to Wenzhou to invest and cooperate, share development opportunities and achieve fruitful cooperation

wangzhenyong promoted "Ouhai intelligent lock" on site as the "spokesman of Ouhai intelligent lock". Wangzhenyong said that this year, Ouhai District specially issued the first special policy for smart locks in China - "ten smart locks", which uses "four ways to open", that is, to build the whole industry chain and innovation chain, promote the construction of "three systems" of brand, market and discourse power, promote the construction of "three environments" of optimizing government affairs, protecting navigation by law, and improving society, so as to fully open the door of "China's smart lock capital" and create a 50 billion level smart lock industry, We will launch the brand of "made in Wenzhou"

2018 IOT + Intelligent Manufacturing Forum and the results obtained are more likely to be related to the fundamental tearing of data. The annual summit of China hardware lock • door and window industry is hosted by Ouhai District People's government, China hardware industry technological innovation strategic alliance and China door and window industry technological innovation strategic alliance

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