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ConocoPhillips said that it respected the plan to compensate the fishermen for the oil spill accident by 1billion yuan

in response to the plan announced by the Ministry of agriculture that ConocoPhillips will compensate and compensate the fishermen for their losses by 1billion yuan, yesterday, the fisherman's lawyer said that the bill had legal defects and would continue to carry out claims litigation. In this regard, the relevant person of ConocoPhillips said yesterday that they respected the compensation proposal put forward by the Ministry of agriculture, and fishermen have the right to continue to claim through legal channels if they do not accept it

on June 4 and 17 last year, oil spills occurred on platforms B and C of the green development trend oil fields in Penglai of ConocoPhillips China, resulting in damage to some farmed organisms in Hebei and Liaoning and natural fishery resources in the Bohai Sea, as well as claims from fishermen

on January 25 this year, the Ministry of Agriculture announced that after administrative mediation, the Ministry of agriculture, CNOOC and ConocoPhillips reached an agreement that ConocoPhillips would invest 1billion yuan to solve the problems of compensation and compensation

yesterday, lawyer zhaojingwei said that the mediation must be carried out on the premise that both parties agree. At present, the mediation has flaws in the legal framework. Lawyer zhaojingwei is currently representing 107 fishermen in the lawsuit of 490million yuan economic compensation to ConocoPhillips, and said that he would continue to sue

according to the previous requirements of Tianjin Maritime Court, up to now, zhaojingwei has been checking the identity of 107 fishermen. At present, the lawsuit has not been filed by the court. Lawyer Zhao said that he would not give up the lawsuit

zhaojingwei said that he was confused about the "administrative mediation" mentioned in the compensation plan. The owner of the aquaculture is the farmer. If mediation is to be carried out, it must be on the premise that the fisherman agrees to the mediation. He believes that the current treatment plan is flawed under the legal framework, and there are many doubts

zhaojingwei also said that the announcements of the Ministry of agriculture, ConocoPhillips and CNOOC did not solve this problem with regard to the mediation objects and mediation methods. If some fishermen do not apply for mediation, that is, they do not agree to mediation, the final solution can not give them a certain amount of compensation through administrative mediation

in this regard, the staff of Beijing Bangsheng law firm should remember the correct wiring method. Liumingjun, a partner of the firm, said that administrative mediation must be carried out with the consent of both parties. Up to now, a number of fishermen in leting, Hebei Province, have said that they do not understand the specific procedures for the 1billion yuan compensation issue

as for the question raised by the lawyer, ConocoPhillips oil means that the metal structure of the screw has changed. The relevant person of China National Petroleum Co., Ltd. told this newspaper that according to the tripartite agreement between the Ministry of agriculture, ConocoPhillips and CNOOC, the Ministry of agriculture will use the money and accept the claim through the affected provinces, and may soon issue a specific acceptance plan. The person said that the plan proposed in the agreement was proposed by the Ministry of agriculture. ConocoPhillips highly respects the role and suggestions of the Ministry of agriculture in this matter, and the company also believes that this plan is faster. If the fishermen do not accept the plan of the Ministry of agriculture, they are fully entitled to continue to claim for compensation through legal channels

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