The hottest connection makes cloud computing faste

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Connectivity makes cloud computing faster

according to the statistics of ovum, a global authoritative telecommunications industry consulting company, the number of global data centers was 6078 by the end of 2014, rising to 6519 by the first half of 2015. Cloud based network is the trend of global Internet development. Cloud based data can be used as an example to better share network resources, balance traffic and reduce disaster recovery and backup costs

cloud is a platform that changes with the change of business. According to different application scenarios, the cloud needs to have an open, flexible and high-speed architecture, which is impregnable but changes as needed. It is the deployment of software definition network (SDN) that injects new vitality into the cloud, speeds up computing, and makes all the above become a reality

however, with the deployment of SDN in full swing, a little worry looms. SDN network has distinct two sides:

1 Make it easier for customers to use

2 Make network operation and maintenance more complicated

at present, the whole industry focuses on the former and ignores the latter

how to manage the network with expanding scale and how to quickly repair the exponential growth fault? How do the routing rules and firewall rules of the network automatically change with the change of the application? The third-party product authentication currently has three production lines, one of which is the important one. How can they be dynamically adjusted? The traditional network design is a human-oriented interface. How can the minute level operation and maintenance management tool cope with the micro burst traffic that is strictly required by the millisecond level production of various detection equipment

as early as the initial stage of fully embracing SDN, Huawei has studied and practiced SDN operation and maintenance as a key topic. Come to Huawei connect 2016, Huawei cloud data center network refinement operation and maintenance solution will give you the answer

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