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Successful cases in the connector industry

Shanghai Ximing optoelectronics has many successful cases for reference in the connector industry, such as chip pin image detection, product assembly detection, high-speed stamping detection, electroplating detection, CPU slot mass size detection

connector industry

chip pin image detection system

1 Check the pin spacing, and the pitch reaches 0.3mm

2 Bowl illumination mode, measuring accuracy reaches 0.01mm

3 The machine adopts the detection mode of automatic loading and unloading

4 The machine is applicable to the same product inspection without preheating for 10 minutes from three pins to 60 pins at one side. The software's suggestions on the overhaul of this method have also been included in the legislative plan, including SPC analysis

5 Three servo motors drive the camera to take pictures while moving

product assembly inspection system (FPC)

1 It can detect the coplanarity, positive position and other parameters of the connector pin spacing

2 The detection speed is the experimental force value of the tested spring 60/min

3 Automatic rotating feeding of products


4 The image system adopts a large depth of field lens to ensure image clarity, and the detection accuracy can reach 0.02mm

high-speed stamping detection

1 Inspection during mold opening and closing

2 Prevent and detect mold damage

3 Real time detection and real-time alarm

electroplating detection

1 Electroplating gloss test

2 Electroplating area and position detection

3 Stain, scratch and surface defect detection

4 The detection speed is very fast, 3500 times per minute

cpu slot mass size detection

1 478 holes, 8 sizes per hole

2 QA measures one piece for two and a half hours

3 XM detector detects two tablets in 25 seconds

4 Real time printing of all data

5 The real-time red alarm display of the position screen with out of tolerance size is

6 High precision and high speed greatly save labor cost

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