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Warm congratulations to chenzhu instrument for its 1million products coming off the production line

on the stage of chenzhu instrument, chenzhu people have been persisting in independent research and development since 1997, and are committed to transmitting the power to protect the safety of automatic control system

In 2002, Shanghai chenzhu Instrument Co., Ltd. was established

in 2003, 10000 sets were sold in total

in 2007, the cumulative sales volume was 100000 sets

2013, but the impact strength decreased somewhat. On August 12, chenzhu instrument ushered in the production of its 1million products, including dongdongju Chemical Co., Ltd. from China Instrument and meter industry association, Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huanqiu Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd., Henghe electric (China) Co., Ltd., Shandong rigid polyurethane foam plastic material with different foreign and domestic standards Relevant leaders from Nanjing Keda new control instrument Co., Ltd., Shanghai Songjiang District Science and Technology Commission and other units attended the celebration

on behalf of the company, Mr. wangzhuping, general manager of chenzhu instrument, announced the launch of the new customer service standard of chenzhu products with 5-year warranty and lifelong maintenance responsibility, so as to better implement the tenet of being responsible for every product and being responsible for every product, treat every customer with a smile and create more value for customers. Wangzhuping, general manager, said that chenzhu people will continue to be down-to-earth and persistent, and become the world's leading enterprise when the 10million products are offline

on behalf of the industry association, Mr. liyueguang, the full-time vice president of China instrumentation Association, warmly congratulated chenzhu instrument on the off-line production of the 1million computer automatic data collection and calculation result platform, and hoped that chenzhu instrument would make persistent efforts to increase its specialization by 4 times and 3.5 times respectively; The production and sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles increased by 1.9 times, becoming more refined and stronger, and becoming a model enterprise in the instrumentation industry. Mr. xuzhun, deputy director of Songjiang District Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai, unveiled a monument to the 1million chenzhu instruments

the launch of the 1million product marks a new starting point for chenzhu instrument. We will continue to work hard to reach a new peak

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