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Technological innovation is a long-term unchanging topic in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

since entering the 21st century, compared with traditional packaging machinery and equipment, new pharmaceutical packaging machines are required to have the characteristics of simplicity, high productivity, more complete supporting facilities, and more automation. Packaging machinery has already changed from price competition to technology competition. The excessive dependence of China's packaging machinery on foreign high-end technology has seriously restricted the sustainable and stable development of China's packaging industry. However, at present, China is facing the tasks of developing deep processing of agricultural products, building a conservation oriented society, developing circular economy and so on. The market of packaging machinery products is very broad. If packaging machinery enterprises can speed up technological innovation and adapt to market demand, they will obtain considerable profits

in fact, from the perspective of products from abroad, there is no difference between domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery and foreign products. However, due to the lack of software support, its technical performance has been greatly reduced, resulting in some users prefer to spend high prices to buy foreign pharmaceutical machines, more importantly mechanical equipment, rather than spend low prices to buy domestic equipment. Continuous non impact needs to be supplemented immediately; Only charge nitrogen into the accumulator; Strike to apply experimental force. Other units have built dozens or even hundreds of products. Due to the lack of technical content characterized by software, they have no market competitiveness and cannot sell products. In addition to specialized production, international multinational companies and high-end enterprises mostly work hard on intangible capital characterized by software, which is the weakness of China's pharmaceutical and packaging machinery industry

due to the continuous application of various high and new technologies, the development of the pharmaceutical and packaging machinery industry in various countries has been greatly promoted. Continuous production has replaced intermittent production, specialized production has replaced general production, large-scale production has replaced small and medium-sized production, and whole process quality control has replaced the quality control of final products. The continuous production, professional operation, automatic adjustment, and Full process control and industrialized operation 1projet MJP 5600 also has a new 3D sprint 2.5 software. These technological leaps, mainly high and new technologies, have played an important role in the application, and the effect of this role is becoming more and more significant

it can be seen that enterprises engaged in packaging machinery manufacturing should pay more attention to how to optimize equipment and how to improve their hardware level. If they mainly focus on price, their development will be greatly limited. Technological innovation is the eternal pursuit of packaging pharmaceutical machinery

at present, the output of drugs in China is very large, which is a huge test of the packaging production capacity of equipment. Drug packaging machinery should constantly improve its own equipment through learning and cooperation in the market and technological innovation, so that pharmaceutical packaging can become the most reassuring reliance of people

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