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Technical ways to deal with plastic waste

in the face of increasingly serious white pollution, people have gradually paid attention to the fair profitability of the vanadium industry. A variety of methods have been developed at home and abroad to deal with these wastes, which can be roughly summarized as follows: 1. Burial method; 2. Incineration method; 3. Composting method; It also prepares conditions for the development of flexible packaging field. 4. Recycling method; 5. Substitution method (i.e. developing new degradable plastics, pulp molding, plant fiber materials, etc. to replace the existing plastic products that pollute the environment)

in addition to the above-mentioned alternative materials, multi-layer composite films, sheets and containers with high gas tight impermeability layers such as EVOH (EV/Al) nylon, pvapa, LCP (ultra-high impermeability liquid polymer PET) can also be developed; Choose breathable and functional fresh-keeping packaging materials; Using short fiber raw materials such as kenaf, straw, Salix psammophila, cotton stalk and so on, which are rich in resources in China, research and develop high-grade packaging paper, paper for tableware when using wire tubes and high-strength paperboard; Through biological fermentation and polymer synthesis technology, we can manufacture water-soluble or edible packaging materials and containers such as amino acids, sugars and polyester, so as to effectively curb the environmental pollution caused by waste plastics

from the comparison and analysis in Table 2, it can be seen that recycling is the best way to control white pollution at present. Now the advantages listed in the table are commented as follows:

mature technology

in the production process of degradable plastic products, the technology is still in the development and research stage, and there are problems such as raw material source and sewage discharge in pulping technology in the manufacturing process of paper products technology. In contrast, the production process and recycling technology of non degradable materials are the most mature

low cost

in terms of manufacturing cost, plastic products are 10-15% lower than degradable plastic products, and 20-30% of paper products. Even with the recovery cost, they are still competitive with alternative products

save energy

compared with new raw material products, recycled plastic waste products save 85-9o% of resin energy and 6-17% of processing energy

considerable profits

waste plastics can be used to produce gasoline (diesel) oil, paint, adhesives, high-grade asphalt, chemical fibers and building materials. If used to make paint, a ton of waste plastic can produce 375kg of gasoline and diesel respectively, and 150kg of liquefied gas and 100kg of carbon black can be produced at the same time. If it is used to make paint, a ton of waste plastic can make a profit of 24-75 yuan. It is estimated that if 20% of the more than 2 million tons of waste plastics are used, a profit of 7billion yuan can be made and 600000 mu of landfill land can be reduced

reduce pollution, whether it is the use of plastics, degradable plastics or paper products, will eventually embark on the track of recycling, otherwise it will not be able to completely solve the pollution problem, especially the visual pollution of the landscape. The successful operation of the recycling system can minimize white pollution

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