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The development of science and technology makes waste plastic bags "turn waste into treasure"

using special intelligent technologies such as wind, gravity and magnetic force, plastic bags, metals, batteries and even lighters can be sorted out from garbage; Swill waste, which has always been a headache, can also be turned into efficient organic fertilizer with the help of microorganisms. Yesterday, I saw this incredible garbage disposal system in the interview of China Environmental Protection Century trip

it is difficult to sort waste plastic bags, and many of them are "wet" and "dirty" after collection. At this time, customers often don't know how to choose to landfill, which can't be decomposed for hundreds of years. In Pudong Meishang domestic waste treatment plant, these headache "white pollution" has become a hot "baby pimple" because they can be intelligently sorted

a wide conveyor belt sends all kinds of domestic garbage into a "giant bucket" rotating like a cement mixer

according to the technicians, this is the first step of screening. Under the action of gravity and magnetic force, heavy garbage will be left, while light garbage such as plastic bags and paper will be spit out. After that, the paper and other garbage were intercepted after being washed by water, blown by wind, etc. After a "long journey", plastic bags of garbage finally "left". After special cleaning, the "radiant" plastic bags are packed and packed for "marriage" -- sold to plastic processors to make plastic particles for recycling

it is reported that every 4 tons of garbage plastic bags can be made into 1 ton of plastic particles, and the market price of 1 ton of such plastic particles can be sold for more than 3600 yuan. Using the intelligent sorting system can also reduce the production cost. Metals, wood blocks, fabrics, paper, bricks, glass, batteries, and even lighters can be sorted out by categories and "spit" into the corresponding box or car one by one

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