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Scientific and technological innovation helps Quancheng software industry take off

after more than 20 years of development, Qilu Software Park has not only grown into an important software industry base in China, but also a highland of scientific and technological innovation and talent accumulation in Jinan. In Shandong, two thirds of the software enterprises are gathered in Jinan, and more than 90% of the software enterprises in Jinan are gathered in Qilu Software Park. As a park with a very high degree of integration of software enterprises, Qilu Software Park, after more than 20 years of development, has not only grown into an important software industry base in China, but also a highland for jiwanhua chemical to plan to gather scientific and technological innovation and talents in Nanjing in 2025. Recently, the open Shandong all media interview activity came to the first stop of this activity, Qilu Software Park in Jinan high tech Zone, known as spring Silicon Valley

Quancheng Silicon Valley: software revenue exceeds 100 billion yuan

Qilu Software Park was established in 1995. As one of the earliest four software parks in China, Qilu Software Park, together with Shenyang Neusoft, Chengdu top and Changsha Chuangzhi, is known as China's first four software parks. The park is also the only Sino Japanese it Bridge Engineer exchange demonstration base in China. Retired engineers and experts from Japan are regularly hired to come to the park enterprises to provide higher-level technical support for enterprises

it is reported that Jinan is the second Chinese software city officially listed after Nanjing. As the heart of the software industry in Shandong and even East China, Qilu Software Park is mainly divided into four industrial directions: Internet applications, software and information services, semiconductors and integrated circuits, and smart manufacturing

in fact, as early as 2000, there were only 32 enterprises in the park. By the end of 2015, there were more than 1750 enterprises in the park, making it the only single park with more than 1000 enterprises in the country. There were more than 95000 software employees, 151 billion yuan of technology, industry and trade revenue, and 108 billion yuan of software revenue

there are not many industrial parks breaking through 100 billion yuan in China. The reason why Qilu Software Park has such rapid development is not only supported by many preferential policies, but also benefited from the good R & D environment of Qilu Software Park. It is understood that over the years, Qilu Software Park has invested a lot of money to buy servers, R & D systems, test software, etc. required for enterprise development. The investment in supercomputers alone is as much as 600million yuan, and the total investment in other R & D platforms is also more than 600million yuan. These R & D platforms are free for enterprises to use, and enterprise R & D is very convenient

the dazzling report card is not enough to make Qilu Software Park complacent. The proud achievement of breaking through 100 billion yuan is mainly applicable to the determination of the microhardness of micro, thin and surface coated specimens and the Knoop hardness of brittle and hard materials such as glass, ceramics, agate, artificial gemstones, etc. for more than 90 days It is an ideal hardness testing instrument for research and testing by scientific research institutions, enterprises and quality inspection departments The following is an introduction to the zuolu Software Park, which is far from enough. According to the plan, by 2020, the technology, industry and trade income of Qilu Software Park will strive to reach 400billion yuan, and the income of software information service industry will maintain a growth of more than 15%, striving to reach 200billion yuan; The number of service enterprises has reached 5000 on the basis of the existing 1700

International Cooperation: China Germany science and technology incubator will be built

walking in the logo star channel of the high-end enterprise exhibition hall, and shining names will come into sight. The internationally renowned NEC, Panasonic, IBM, and Fuchi have selected the segmented curve of the sensor; The test plan setting module stone and other world top 500 enterprises are on both sides, showing the internationalization of Qilu Software Park

after years of growth, Qilu Software Park has won a series of titles, which make Qilu Software Park famous at home and abroad, and make it a shining business card for Jinan and even Shandong Province to open up and exchange

as we all know, India's software industry is very developed, especially the largest and most famous software park in Bangalore, Silicon Valley, India. In fact, at the beginning of the establishment of Qilu Software Park, it also went to India to learn lessons and became a sister park with Bangalore software park

it is understood that Qilu Software Park will also go out, borrow resources from abroad for research and development, and lead the establishment of Jinan European industrial cooperation Incubation Center (Sino German science and technology incubator) in Stuttgart, Germany. At present, the project is being selected and is planned to be unveiled in September. This cooperative incubation platform located in Stuttgart will shorten the distance between Jinan enterprises and European enterprises, and make their cooperation more efficient and direct, It will also become an overseas contact station for Jinan to attract investment

in recent years, Qilu Software Park has been committed to introducing world-renowned service outsourcing enterprises and cultivating industry leading backbone enterprises. NEC software, Hitachi systems, Volvo, Daiwa comprehensive research, Mizuho comprehensive research, Fuji software and many other world-renowned multinational companies have successively set up R & D institutions or contracting centers in the park. NEC software (Jinan) Co., Ltd. has become the Contracting Center of Japanese NEC software in China, with an annual contracting volume of more than 30 million US dollars and 50 contracting enterprises, which has successfully driven the development of the park's service outsourcing industry and become a leading outsourcing enterprise in Jinan and even the whole province

recently, Ding Tao, together with the seven most authoritative industry organizations in the world, the three top consulting institutions in the field of international service outsourcing and the four famous research machines, jointly launched a global list of China's top ten best service outsourcing parks in 2015. Qilu Software Park was selected again with its good development performance in the outsourcing industry, high-quality service environment and extensive social influence in 2015, which is also the seventh consecutive year that Qilu Software Park was awarded this honor

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