The hottest technical problems have been overcome.

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A number of technical problems have been overcome, and the sales momentum of Sany Weibo has been strong.

a number of technical problems have been overcome. The sales momentum of Sany Weibo has been strong.

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in May, Sany Weibo sy16 and sy35 have achieved a good sales performance of 31 Units in one month, with an additional 10 units, and sold out in eight days

it is highly recognized by the market and loved by customers. Whether it is excellent quality or just what the market needs, there is both. The following "first brother" will show you the "excellence" of these two products

following the successful launch of a skin care solution that can effectively isolate air pollution (PM2.5) for the needs of the Asian market, Yu Hongfu, chairman of Sany Heavy Industries, said that the offline of sy16 and sy35 improved the type spectrum of Sany earthwork machinery, which is of great strategic significance to Sany

It is understood that sy16 and sy35 are the two hydraulic excavators with the smallest tonnage at present, with self weights of 1.6 tons and 3.5 tons respectively. They are widely used in small earthwork operations such as manor, farm, urban corner and side ditch dredging, as well as hoisting, crushing and bulldozing operations

as an epoch-making product of Sany in terms of micro excavators, the development trend of SY spring testing machine 16 and sy35 adopts the appearance shape of full lines, roundness and without losing the sense of power, which is significantly different from other Sany small excavators and looks more compact and flexible

according to Wang Chunhui, the head of research and development, when designing the overall layout of these two excavators, the research and development team should realize the function of standard small excavation in a very limited space, including the boom deflection mechanism that the standard small excavation does not have, and also ensure good maintenance and repair performance and smooth and efficient heat dissipation performance, There are many problems that will not appear in the overall layout of large excavators or small excavators with standard tail, but they are finally properly solved one by one

Sany micro dig

overcome the two major problems of "shock absorption and heat dissipation"

in terms of performance, Wang Chunhui is confident: "sy16 and sy35 have made a major breakthrough in control performance, with high micro motion performance, coordinated and soft composite action, and small impact. At the same time, high-quality hydraulic parts combined with Sany's years of experience in hydraulic system design not only improve the control performance of the whole machine, but also ensure a very low failure rate."

in order to develop this new product, the research and development team led by Wang Chunhui can also carry out automatic control experiments of constant velocity loading and constant velocity displacement, and has successively overcome two major difficulties. One is vibration. As a mini excavation mainly used in urban operations, its vibration, noise and other comfort problems are the top priority. In the process of product development, from the optimization of engine and cab mount to the design of damping pad, and then to the simulation of cab wall structure, the R & D team has been repeatedly verified by theoretical calculation and test

the second problem is heat dissipation. The tailless structure determines that the space of the engine compartment is very narrow, and the compact layout is more prone to heat balance problems during the operation of the excavator. Through the air duct flow field optimization project in cooperation with colleges and universities, the R & D personnel of Sany small excavation have optimized the air duct flow field of sy16 and sy35 for many times, and redesigned the radiator to improve the heat dissipation performance, realizing small volume and large heat dissipation

"the mechanical production is not restricted by the work intensity, and it can bear loads dozens or even hundreds higher than that of manual work, which saves labor resources to a great extent and greatly improves the production efficiency. The volume is huge. A Sany micro excavation is equivalent to the workload of 18 people, which can save about 50000 yuan for customers every year." Manager Tang of Sany interactive marketing center said

in addition to excellent quality, Sany micro excavation obviously hit the market demand point, and the sales volume of micro excavation soared, becoming the leader in the field of small-scale earthwork construction. It is not only the choice of the market, but also the affirmation of Sany micro excavation quality by customers

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