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Technical specifications are expected to be issued. 475 glass curtain wall buildings with hidden dangers in Shanghai will be rectified.

in view of the multiple self explosion and fall events of glass curtain walls in recent years, Shanghai has issued the administrative regulations of the administrative measures of Shanghai for building glass curtain walls (hereinafter referred to as the administrative measures if non-standard samples are to be made), which will be officially implemented from today

according to shenxiaosu, deputy director of the Shanghai municipal construction and Communications Commission, through the self-examination of all districts and counties, 475 glass curtain wall buildings in Shanghai currently have potential safety hazards, of which 35 have serious problems. Shen Xiaosu said that the relevant departments have instructed the glass curtain wall buildings with potential safety hazards to rectify and set up an inspection team to investigate before March this year

at the same time, the technical specification of glass curtain wall, which has been criticized for a long time, is expected to be revised in the first half of this year. According to Shen Xiaosu, the revised technical specifications will make further strict and clear requirements on the consumption, structure and technical safety of curtain wall glass. 3. The selection of the range of tension machine

in recent years, many curtain wall glass self explosion and falling events have occurred, and the bustling skyscrapers have become a "heart disease" of citizens. The problems existing in the quality, standards, maintenance and other aspects of glass curtain walls are of particular concern

according to the survey and statistics, there are 4210 glass curtain wall buildings in Shanghai at present, including 3655 existing buildings and 555 under construction. According to Shen Xiaosu, the glass curtain walls of some existing buildings in Shanghai have entered the aging stage, and some have experienced corrosion and deformation of hardware components, aging and cracking of sealing strips, and loosening of stressed components

"from the self inspection and rectification of each district and county, there are 35 buildings (glass curtain wall buildings) with serious hidden dangers in Shanghai, and 440 buildings also have different degrees of safety hidden dangers", Shen Xiaosu said that at present, relevant owners have been instructed to rectify, and the government department will also organize the inspection team to conduct further spot checks on the self inspection before March this year, The rectification of potential safety hazards will also be checked, and the testing process of rubber tensile testing machine will be explained

according to the daily economy, the "management measures" implemented today will clarify whether to strictly control the use of glass curtain walls in buildings in Shanghai, in addition to further clarifying that the owner is the relevant subject

according to the newly implemented administrative regulations, Shanghai will prohibit the use of glass curtain walls on buildings directly opposite the straight section of the T-junction; Glass curtain walls are forbidden to be used in buildings above the second floor of residences, outpatient and emergency buildings and ward buildings of hospitals, teaching buildings of primary and secondary schools, nurseries, kindergartens and nursing homes

according to the Shanghai municipal construction and Communications Commission yesterday, the revised Shanghai "technical code for building curtain wall engineering" is expected to be issued in the first half of this year. At that time, more strict and clear requirements will be made on the consumption, structure, technical safety and other aspects of curtain wall glass

many owners attribute the cause of building glass falling to "ELG carbon fiber company (coseley reasonable self explosion". Shen Xiaosu said that the international standard for the self explosion rate of curtain wall glass is 1 in 1000, but there are many glass curtain wall buildings in Shanghai, and even the self explosion rate of 1 in 10000 will bring serious safety hazards

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