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Good horse and good saddle match energy conservation and environmental protection

Ningbo bookstore and Subei hospital use ipc-pf-hlf-c series elevator special feedback braking unit. If the electronic universal testing machine needs to be replaced during the operation process, 30 load sensors each, using the cabinet installation method, 380 voltage level, which makes its imported high energy consumption brand elevators not only greatly prolong the safe service life, but also have the effect of power generation and energy saving, This greatly reduces the energy consumption cost of the later operation of the central building

Ningbo Book City: Ningbo book city has a total construction area of 81686 square meters and a total investment of 80 million yuan. It is formed through the transformation of the original Industrial Relics. With the theme of the city study by the Yongjiang River, it has built a group of unique buildings, with a total of 8 buildings, making it an architectural community full of rich historical and cultural charm of the port city

Subei people's Hospital covers an area of 80000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 120000 square meters, and has fixed assets of nearly 500 million yuan. Founded in 1900, it is located in the center of Yangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city. It is a comprehensive hospital with the longest history, the largest scale and the most comprehensive functions in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. It is also the medical, teaching and research center of this region

these two units choose the special feedback braking unit for IPC elevator, which is not only green and environmental friendly, but also energy-saving and power-saving. It is the good horse and good saddle that match, and energy conservation and environmental protection go hand in hand

elevator energy conservation has a long way to go

energy conservation and environmental protection is a common task in front of mankind, and the energy problem has been raised to an unprecedented height. China is a big energy consumer and a country with very little energy. Without energy support, development is empty talk

at present, more than 98% of domestic elevators consume the electric energy generated in the state of power generation in the form of heating through the braking resistor, which on the one hand causes energy waste, on the other hand, pollutes the environment, causes electromagnetic interference (increases motor iron loss, copper consumption, etc.), improves the temperature of elevator machine room, and reduces motor insulation and service life (refer to international iec8 C rules). There is a huge space for energy conservation and emission reduction, and the energy conservation of elevators has a long way to go

elevator belongs to potential energy load, and the direction of load torque changes with the lift car load, because it is determined by the gravity difference between the lift car and the counterweight. It is an energy-saving way to convert potential energy and kinetic energy into electric energy and make use of it by using the potential energy load condition in elevator operation. At present, the energy consumed by the braking resistor accounts for 25% - 35% of the total electricity consumption of the elevator, and the conversion efficiency of energy feedback is about 85%. Therefore, the power saving effect of the elevator energy feedback link is generally between%. This can also be proved from an example. For example, a 1350kg, 2.5m/s, 20 floor/20 station elevator consumes 831kwh/week before it is equipped with an energy feedback device, and 590kwh/week after it is installed. The effect of power saving is very obvious

ipc elevator energy saving principle

ipc-pf series feedback braking unit is a special high-performance feedback braking unit for elevators manufactured with Canadian technology. This product can feed back the regenerative electric energy generated by the motor in the speed regulation process to the electricity, and there is no need to use the external braking resistor. This product is equipped with reactor and noise filter, which can be directly connected with 220V/380V electricity to ensure the normal operation of the frequency converter in the maximum energy-saving state. However, some elevator energy-saving products in China appear helpless or fail to achieve safe and stable technical performance when facing 220V elevators, realizing force elongation, stress strain, force time, stress time, elongation time Various curves such as strain time track the steady state of experimental data

ipc series products are applicable to all elevator frequency converters, and are used together with international well-known brand elevator frequency converters such as Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Emerson, Hitachi, Fuji, etc., which can avoid the high temperature caused by the heating of braking resistance and improve the stability and quality of elevator operation

ipc elevator energy saving product features

1 The feedback harmonic coefficient is 4.6%. The product adopts PWM pulse width modulation technology, which makes the output phase accurate and can effectively suppress high-order harmonics. The voltage distortion detected by the national authority is less than 5%, which meets the requirements of IEC and gb/t14549 for electrical harmonics

2. Strong anti-interference ability due to the use of DSP central processing unit, it has high speed, high precision, good stability and strong anti-interference ability

3. The first-class software technology fully automatic voltage tracking ensures the accuracy of the output voltage, prevents the current from returning, and makes the frequency converter unaffected

4. The power saving effect is good, and the four quadrant operation of the variable frequency speed regulation system is truly realized; The energy generated by braking is recycled, and the energy conversion rate is more than 97%, which greatly improves the efficiency of the system; Depending on the operation condition of the elevator, the energy-saving effect can reach 15% ~ 45%

5 Improve the safety of the original system, use the energy feedback method, reduce the calorific value of the system, and fully automatic temperature control fan protection, reduce the maintenance workload

6. Improve the braking effect to meet the engineering needs of rapid braking and frequent braking

7. Reduce the heat loss of the original system to less than 3% of the energy consumption braking, and greatly improve the working environment

8. The failure rate is zero, and the equipment has built-in complete failure protection function

9. The whole process noise filtering can be directly connected to 220V/380V power for use. Reactors and noise filters will not pollute electricity and interfere with other equipment

10 installation simple digital output function improves the measurement accuracy. Through software setting, users do not have to adjust or set by themselves, and the use parameters are set before the product leaves the factory

11. Powerful and expandable communication interface; Equipped with digital display operation panel; Multi status indication function; Real time monitoring of operating parameters: DC bus voltage, current, internal temperature, port status, feedback working time, total working time and other operating parameters, fault status records

product specification

power supply: electric voltage three-phase 220v/380v (depending on the model)

electrical frequency: 45Hz ~ 65Hz

capacity: 22kw/30kw/45kw

control the body is equipped with two spokesless hollow tires: current control mode, linear current control mode

output control mode: DC bus voltage predictive control

feedback starting voltage: 600 ~ 660V (can be set by software)

overheat protection: 70 ℃

fan control: 42 ℃ on/38 ℃ off or always on

1 digital input port, and the function can be set by software

1 digital output port, and the function can be set by software

operation record, single feedback working time, total feedback time and other records

communication interface * is extensible

display and set status indication power supply indication, fault indication, fuse blown indication, feedback status indication, etc

operation monitoring: DC bus voltage, internal temperature, input and output port status, feedback time, total working time, etc.

set function number and data

fault status record for 10 times

environment: the installation site is indoor, with an altitude of no more than 1km, no direct sunlight, no conductive dust and corrosive gas

the ambient temperature is -10 ~ 40 ℃, and the ventilation is good

ambient humidity below 90% RH (no condensation)

vibration degree is less than 0.5g

overview of Canon

the development center of Canon is based in the United States, the product commercialization project is in Canada, and the batch production of products is distributed all over the world. IPC products are characterized by specialization. All products run through four purposes: high efficiency, automation, specialization, green environmental protection, and strive to provide users with automated products with simplified operation. IPC advocates that complex work should be completed by its own developers, while the simplified use should be left to users. IPC does not produce complex products that only experts can use, but the internal use of products is world-class new technology, which integrates a large number of artificial intelligence and uses the most complex operations. IPC products do not pollute the environment and electricity, and always follow the law of mutual harmony between science and technology and nature

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