The best form of jelly packaging

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The best form of jelly packaging

in recent years, cases of suffocation and death of children caused by jelly continue to occur, so the domestic and foreign leisure products markets have begun to pay attention to the shape and packaging of jelly. In 2002, the European Union decided to ban the sale and import of small cup jelly with konjak gum as gelling agent. Later, the European Commission on health and Consumer Protection announced that small cup jelly must be removed from the shelves of all EU Member States when the safety instruction label of jelly packaging is insufficient to protect children's health. At the end of 2004, South Korea also suspended the sale of jelly with a diameter of less than 4.5 cm. In China, "China accounts for 98.4% of the total import volume; the Consumer Association exports 16.538 million tons of chemical fertilizer to South and Southeast Asia" has issued a consumption warning, suggesting and calling for standardizing the volume, shape and packaging of jelly

in terms of the packaging forms appearing in the market at present, sterile soft packaging with suction nozzle will become the best packaging form of jelly products

first of all, the soft bag is equipped with a suction nozzle, so that children can eat safely and conveniently to avoid the recurrence of injury events

secondly, as the packaging equipment in direct contact with products, the flexible packaging liquid filling equipment is very important to the health and safety of food, so the soft bag with sterile packaging can ensure the health and safety of products to the greatest extent

among domestic and foreign packaging machinery suppliers, there are many enterprises that can provide this kind of soft bag packaging equipment with suction nozzle. For example, the bl-3000 packaging machine of Bossa company can not only meet the needs of high speed, high safety and diversity of the market, but also complete the filling, sealing and the whole process from the roll film forming. In addition, the following features meet user requirements

1. Specially used for liquid products, fully comply with GMP design, with CIP and sip systems

2. The speed of the machine can reach 240 bags/minute, and two different products can be filled into the same packaging bag

3. The machine is made of all stainless steel, which is more in line with the preparation standard of GMP (1) experimental machine. It adopts the method of twice filling, and the speed is faster

4. All seals are sealed for three times to ensure firm sealing and no leakage

5. The high-quality and high-precision flowmeter ensures the accuracy of filling

6. The full modular design makes the replacement of products faster and more efficient

7. The intelligent control system ensures the smooth progress of the production process

in terms of sterility, the measures taken by Bossa company are: sterilize the packaging materials before forming; The molding and production processes have no impact on the experimental results, and are carried out in a fully enclosed working area to ensure the health needs; High temperature hot filling is used to ensure the sterilization process of products (sterilization after molding can also be used for different products); At the same time, there is no dead corner of the machine, which can be thoroughly cleaned during the cleaning process to ensure the sterility of the equipment production environment

in addition, the soft bag packaging with suction nozzle also has a good shelf display effect, and the beautifully printed patterns will attract the attention of consumers to a great extent. For example, large brands such as Xizhilang have many cases of products with this packaging

in a word, jelly manufacturers should choose suitable packaging forms while improving the quality of their products. In this way, it not only enables consumers to eat safe and delicious food, but also improves the seemingly unfamiliar competitiveness of many machines in the market

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